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  • [2012/4/12] Google Maps V3 Module (we...
    This module is the map using Google Maps API V3Download NowDemonstrationv1.101. API(1) geocodingAdded API which search Latitude and Longitude from address using Google Geocoding API .(2) get_locationAdded API which get Latitude and Longitude using Go...
  • [2012/4/12] RSS Center Module 1.30
    Download RSS CenterThis module collects RDF/RSS/ATOM feeds from the registered sites, and stores in a database.v1.301. Added "Select url" in admin pageAdmin can choice the original site url or single_feed.php of RSSCin the hyperlink of a title and th...
  • [2012/4/12] Weblinks Module 2.10
    Download Weblinksv2.101. Supprt Google Maps API V31.1 Require WEBMAP3 module1,2 The admin can set the icon of a marker in eahc category and each link. 1.3 The admin can set favorite icon.2. Added "Select url" in admin pageAdmin can choice the origina...
  • [2011/12/31] WhatsNew 2.60
    Download WhatsNew modulev2.501. main(1) Migrating to PHP 5.3 Deprecated features in PHP 5.3.x - ereg(2) Migrating to MySQL 5.5 - TYPE=MyISAM -> ENGINE=MyISAM(3) bug fix: about whatsnew module
  • [2011/12/29] Webphoto Module 2.60
    This is the album module which manages photos and videos.Download WebphotoExsample: We Love Divingv2.601. timeline(1) supoort before 1970 (unixtime) (2) add century and day to unit(3) show timeline in category(4) When move to a large time from a cate...
  • [2011/12/29] xoops timeline module 0.20
    This module is the timeline using MIT TimelineDownload timeline modulev0.201. Migrating to PHP 5.3Deprecated features in PHP 5.3.x(1) Assigning the return value of new by reference is now deprecated.2. add Monet's life3. supoort before 1970 (unixtime)
  • [2009/10/6] Stop new user registration.
    urgentStop new user registration.Because 20 persons registered during a day.I guss there are sapm.
  • [2009/9/17] [vulnerability] XF-Sectio...
    ImportantIn XF-Section 1.12a, the vulnerability of the cross site scripting exists. Stop to use XF-Section at once. The SmartSection module is recommended. Look History of XFsection
  • [2009/3/7] Google Maps Module (webma...
    This module is the map using Google Maps APIDownload Nowv0.101. User features(1) Search Map: Search map from address(2) Show Map: Show map which is specified latitude and longitude Download KML and show in GoogleEarth(3) GeoRSS: Show marker on the...
  • [2009/3/7] HappyLinux module 1.50
    Download Happy Linux moduleThis module is the library collection for modules distributing in Happy LinuxThe module which is using this- WhatsNew- WebLinks- RSS Center- Happy Searchv1.501. changed the following feature with the update of RSSC module(1...
What's New
Hi Ken, Just wanted to let you know that I have added Happy Linux modules to GitHub, as I started to work on updating them for XOOPS 2.5.8. and PHP 7 Are you doing anything still with XOOPS? I hope, you'll be able to help us in the upgrade, sinc ...
Forum CSS file (2012/11/17)
Where is the css file for webphoto????
WF-Downloads Liaise 1.31 (2012/10/8)
This is hack version for Liaise 1.26 v1.31 1. Bugfix (1) all checkbox show the same value (2) in XCL 2.2, show warning in admin page Changed files - admin/footer.php - class/ele ...
Web Links Sven Seidel (2011/12/7)

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