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  Problems with subcategories.


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  •  astuni
Problems with subcategories.
Just popping in
Joined: 2004/5/13
Posts: 8
Hello Ken,
i'm on hold with the migration from xf-section to another article system because i got too many articles (2800+) so i basically need to have it functional...

The only problem i still got its about the subcategory function.

If i make or edit a category, moving it under another category the thing simply wont work anymore...
I remember that older versions of xfsection had no problem at all.

Also if i just edit a category, WITHOUT moving it in any way, but just edit and save, i will find it back to the root of the cat. list.

That's an example.

Consider that i got 6 cats....

Category 1
Category 2
-Category 3 (subcat of Cat 2)
--Category 4 (sub of Cat 3)
and so on.

if i simply edit Category 4, for instance, WITHOUT moving, but just editing description when i save i will find it back to root of cats. like this:

Category 1
Category 2
-Category 3 (subcat of Cat 2)
Category 4 (<-- this was sub of CAT 3!)

I cant fix this in any way, moving it back under the correct category simply doesn't work they will always on the root.

Please help me address and solve this bug so i can continue using xfsection for the time being.

Posted on: 2007/1/18 20:46
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  •  ken
Re: Problems with subcategories.
Joined: 2003/11/19
From Yokohama, Japan
Posts: 704
XFsection is over.
please use other section module like SmartSection.
Posted on: 2007/1/20 22:20
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