XOOPS Module : Weblinks Module 2.10
Posted by ken on 2012/4/12 12:00:00 (16808 reads)

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1. Supprt Google Maps API V3
1.1 Require WEBMAP3 module
1,2 The admin can set the icon of a marker in eahc category and each link.
1.3 The admin can set favorite icon.

2. Added "Select url" in admin page
Admin can choice the original site url or singlelink.php of Weblinks
in the hyperlink of a title .

3. Expand the number of URL characters from 255 bytes to 64 K bytes.

4. Addeed following in bulk registration.
(1) Register the comments by form entry
(2) Register RSS URL from URL of registered link automatically.
(3) Register latitude and longitude of registered link semiautomatically.
(4) Describe \2c instead of comma.
(5) Describe \n instead of new-line in textarea1, 2.

4. Langauge pack
(1) Added Russian ( CP1251 & UTF-8 )
Files in language directory and extra directory.

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