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feed Google Worked Eith Intel on a custom AI Chip For Its Pixel Phones in link Slashdot (2017/10/24 4:51:00)
A special-purpose chip for artificial intelligence and other tasks in Google's new Pixel smartphones draws on Intel technology. From a report: In addition to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL both feature a new custom ...
feed Wolf of Wall Street: Cryptocurrency ICOs Are 'the Biggest Scam Ever' in link Slashdot (2017/10/24 3:56:00)
An anonymous reader shares an article: Jordan Belfort -- the real-life Wolf of Wall Street -- has warned that ICOs (or "token sales" or "coin sales") are "the biggest scam ever" and will "blow up in so many people's faces." The former stockbroker, wh ...
feed FBI Couldn't Access Nearly 7,000 Devices Because of Encryption in link Slashdot (2017/10/24 3:15:00)
Michael Balsamo, writing for Associated Press: The FBI hasn't been able to retrieve data from more than half of the mobile devices it tried to access in less than a year, FBI Director Christopher Wray said Sunday, turning up the heat on a debate betw ...
feed Hong Kong Has No Space Left for the Dead in link Slashdot (2017/10/24 2:30:00)
Justin Heifetz, writing for Motherboard: When Fung Wai-tsun's family carried their grandfather's ashes across the Hong Kong border to Mainland China in 2013, they worried Customs officers, thinking the urn was full of drugs, would stop them. Fung, li ...
feed Google Might Need To Recall the Pixel 2 XL Because of Defective Screens in link Slashdot (2017/10/24 1:50:00)
An anonymous reader shares a report: You might want to hold off on buying a Pixel 2 XL until Google addresses its screen issues. Now that Google's new flagship Android phone is officially out and in people's hands, reports have come out that call int ...
feed Facebook Runs On AI - But 70% of Its Engineers Who Use AI Aren't Experts in link Slashdot (2017/10/24 1:11:00)
An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from a WSJ report: AI algorithms are inherently black boxes whose workings can be next to impossible to understand -- even by many Facebook engineers. "If you look at all the engineers at Facebook, more than one ...
feed Windows 10's 'Controlled Folder Access' Anti-Ransomware Feature Is Now Live in link Slashdot (2017/10/24 0:25:00)
A reader shares a BleepingComputer report: With the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update last week, the "Controlled Folder Access" that Microsoft touted in June is now live for millions of users. As the name hints, the Controlled Folder Access ...
feed Singapore To Stop Adding Cars to City From February 2018 in link Slashdot (2017/10/23 23:46:00)
An anonymous reader shares a report: Singapore, among the world's most expensive places to own a vehicle, will stop increasing the total number of cars on its roads next year. The government will cut the annual growth rate for cars and motorcycles to ...
feed Kaspersky Lab To Open Software To Review, Says Nothing To Hide in link Slashdot (2017/10/23 23:07:00)
Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab will ask independent parties to review the security of its anti-virus software, which the U.S. government has said could jeopardize national security, citing concerns over Kremlin influence and hijacking by Russian spies. F ...
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