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link Official XOOPS Website Official XOOPS Website (2016/5/25 19:50:59)

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feed Publisher 1.02 Final Released (2016/1/5 18:50:20)
We are pleased to announce the release of Publisher 1.02 Final module Publisher module is a Publishing Solution for your XOOPS Website. With it you can publish News, Blogs, Documentation, etc. The key features: Categories and Subcategories Pages cus ...

feed XOOPS Security Patch Released (2016/1/2 23:26:02)
The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the release of a security patch for XOOPS Final. This patch for XOOPS corrects multiple issues. We would like to specifically thank Tim Coen of ( Curesec GmbH ) , who notified us about ...

feed Hotel Room Reservation System on XOOPS (2015/12/31 5:20:00)
I've discovered few days ago on on Google Code an interesting XOOPS module for Hotel Room Reservation ! While it is 5 years old, it seems very advanced, and it got very good score from Scrutinizer : But it was hard to understand sometimes the feature ...

feed Helium Admin Theme is coming to XOOPS 2.6.0 (2015/12/28 10:30:00)
Eduardo (aka Bitcero) just shared a picture of his new Admin theme he is working on for to XOOPS 2.6.0. It is called "Helium" and as you can see below, it looks AWESOME!!!! You can see it in a full glory and detail on GitHub Eduardo is a true artist, ...

feed New free theme wgHouse (2015/12/25 7:40:33)
Hello Xoops Users, as a small gift for Christmas I would like to present my latest theme wgHouse is a theme for XOOPS ( www.xoops.org ) - Full Responsive Theme - OnePage-Design: each block area gets an own section and can be style individually - 3 di ...

feed Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to ALL XOOPS Users and Friends!!! (2015/12/24 10:10:00)
For those who celebrate Christmas - Merry Christmas! And for ALL of our users and friends of XOOPS, regardless of your faith: Happy New Year!!! 2016 will be a great year for XOOPS, as many of the things that we've been working on will be finally com ...

feed 12 New Themes from Tad0616 (2015/12/20 13:10:00)
There are 12 new themes from Tad0616 from XOOPS Taiwan that you can download from our Theme repository on GitHub . Tad0616 is doing great job with themes and he also developed several fantastic modules that I highly recommend to take a look at. As a ...

feed Great progress on XOOPS 2.6.0 GUI (2015/12/18 15:00:00)
Eduardo posted latest updates from his work on XOOPS 2.6.0 GUI (or Presentation Layer) Preferences New settings manager for modules. The new design is cleaner and responsive to maximize its functionality. Dynamic settings. System is capable to load o ...

feed New simple responsive theme (2015/12/17 22:10:00)
Hi guys ! Here you are my first XOOPS theme Name: xsimplegrid Demo: xsimplegrid demo Download: download xsimplegrid Happy holidays

feed Contact form LIAISE (2015/11/28 9:19:23)
Hello everyone, Some may remember the LIAISE module that allowed to generate contact forms. I have always used this module and I modified this one for needs of my clients. To know : - Keep track of emails received in administration for each form - In ...

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