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link Official XOOPS Website Official XOOPS Website (2015/11/29 10:15:41)

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feed New Tutorials added to XOOPS Documentation (2015/9/28 17:40:00)
Last year we've started to standardize on GitBook as our delivery mechanism for XOOPS Documentation ( see here ) Today I've added couple of new Tutorials: xLanguage and NewBB . They are not yet finalized and are still "work in progress", but because ...

feed Premium Themes - 16 XOOPS Themes Free! (2015/9/25 9:56:04)
I bring you 16 premium themes developed by me. Soon i will be releasing new themes free and premium, based on xBootstrap. I hope you enjoy. News (in portuguese): http://xoopsfire.com/modules/publisher/item.php?itemid=53 Download: http://xoopsfire.com ...

feed Xoops Blog Theme (For Publisher) (2015/7/2 15:50:00)
Xoops Blog theme, for publisher. Demo : http://xoopstasarim.com Download : https://github.com/XoopsThemes/blog/releases

feed UHQ GeoLocate v0.96 released! (2015/7/2 15:43:01)
It's been another couple of years since the module has been updated. There are a few tweaks in here that now set the minimum version to XOOPS 2.5.7. Functionally, this should be ready for a production implementation. There are some more administrati ...

feed Work on XOOPS 2.6.0 Presentation Layer has started (2015/5/20 4:30:00)
We are very happy to let you know that Eduardo has started to work on the "Presentation Layer" in XOOPS 2.6.0, using his fantastic Common Utilities as basis to merge them into the Core We all know and love the work done by Eduardo over the years, and ...

feed Xoopstastic.com is now open! (2015/5/7 21:00:00)
I'm very happy to announce that xoopstastic.com is now open! Xoopstastic.com is a premium resources centre. This means that, on the site, you'll find a selection of best themes, modules, plugins and other elements, commercial end free. Currently, th ...

feed Goffy joins the German-speaking XOOPS Team (2015/5/3 1:20:00)
It's nice to see a new energy in the German-speaking XOOPS community , which recently added a new team member, Goffy , to its Admin team : Goffy has been using XOOPS since 2004, and got into more serious development since 2010. He is author and contr ...

feed bXpress: a lightweight forum for XOOPS (2015/4/3 23:49:11)
Some of you might be already aware of bXpress , a module to create a forum section in XOOPS , with the peculiarity of being very light and easy to use. Well, today's news is that, for some time now, I have been testing it in Xoops México , and so far ...

feed Beortho.com with new theme based on Ethernial (2015/4/1 13:11:50)
A new theme, based on Ethernial has been created for beortho.com by Eduardo Cortés . The new theme includes full integration with Formulize , a module designed for forms creation and reports on the web. Another relevant feature of this new site, is a ...

feed Bootnewage CPanel theme (Beta release) (2015/4/1 13:10:00)
I am happy to introduce a new CPanel (Admin) theme for XOOPS, completely rewritten with Bootstrap, in order to provide visibility and compatibility with different mobile devices. It is important to stress that unfortunately, with versions of XOOPS 2. ...

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