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link Official XOOPS Website Official XOOPS Website (2015/10/10 6:32:12)

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feed Newoni, a new free theme (2015/3/8 13:47:04)
I'm thrilled to announce my first new XOOPS theme in a few years! It's been a long while, but I hope this one is worth it ;). I present to you... Newoni! Newoni is built upon the wonderful xbootstrap which is a wonderful base template to use (if you ...

feed ocaholic.ch/it/fr/co.uk/net with modified xBootstrap Theme (2015/2/28 22:01:58)
Back in November 2014 I've started working with my coder from Italy on moving ocaholic to the xBootstrap theme. Meanwhile we've almost done everything we wanted to. There are some things in the forums we still want to change and there are also some m ...

feed Roadmap/Update 2.6.0 (2015/2/23 8:20:00)
I get questions about the timing and status of XOOPS 2.6.0, along with questions about how to help. I apologize for not doing a better job of communicating in this area. It is great to know that there is such interest! The short answer is, we've come ...

feed Favicon Generator Module (2015/2/13 7:04:55)
As I said in the last post , some new modules are being made available to the XOOPS community, and first out is a Favicon Module. Originally it was meant as a commercial module, but when I first started using XOOPS, way, way back there, everything wa ...

feed Introducing a new Xoops Premium Theme [Commercial] (2015/1/30 12:27:40)
Demo | Landing Page Demo | Buy Now! I'm very glad to announce my newest Xoops premium theme: OnFocus . OnFocus [/b] is a commercial premium theme constructed over xThemes and Common Utilities achieving amazing results in its functionallity and appea ...

feed GuiadoCFTV - Powered by XOOPS! (2015/1/23 16:30:23)
Hello friends, this is the new portal of GuiadoCFTV! Produced with xbootstrap and XOOPS See online: http://www.guiadocftv.com.br/ Modules: - News - Publihser - Newbb - TDMDownloads - Contact - Extcal - Lexikon - FBComments - XOOPS Partners - ...

feed Smarty 3.1 is coming to next version of XOOPS (2015/1/15 9:50:00)
2015 is starting very well for XOOPS! Thanks to our Core Team Leader, Richard (aka Geekwright), we will have finally Smarty 3.x in the next version of XOOPS! Thank you Richard for your hard work on this! https://github.com/XOOPS/XoopsCore/pull/231

feed Ethernial: a new freemium theme for XOOPS (2014/12/26 4:30:00)
Introducing a new theme made by me: Ethernial Ethernial is a modern and good looking theme designed using xThemes and Bootstrap. It is inspired on other theme by HTML5 UP . Features: A full featured configuration panel. Automatically compiling of le ...

feed Danordesign modules moved (2014/12/25 17:24:54)
Hi, we have moved all modules from our test site to the main domain, Danordesign.com , both modules demos and downloads. Also more modules will be added soon. Note! The old modules have not been tested with the latest XOOPS version yet, but hopefully ...

feed Inception 2.0: free premium theme for XOOPS (2014/12/14 14:30:00)
I am pleased to announce the availability of the new version of Inception , a theme for XOOPS with premium quality, but totally free. A long time ago I published this theme for the first time at the site of XOOPS and became very popular almost immed ...

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