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feed AppleCare+ Now Covers Batteries That Drop To 80% (2015/6/27 22:22:00)
Mark Wilson writes with news that Apple's AppleCare+ plan has been updated to address one of the biggest worries that people have about products with non-removeable batteries, and that become very expensive paperweights when the juice runs out. From ...

feed Drone Diverts Firefighting Planes, Incurring $10,000 Cost (2015/6/27 21:25:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Fire is raging through thousands of acres of forest in California. A few days ago we discussed how a man's personal drone was shooed away from a fire site. Now, the drone situation has gotten worse. The U.S. Forest Service ...

feed Philanthropy For Hackers (2015/6/27 20:27:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster and the first president of Facebook, was part of a generation of geeks who rode the dot-com boom to financial success. Over the past two decades, that population has dramatically increase ...

feed The Physics of Lexus's Hoverboard (2015/6/27 19:07:00)
benonemusic writes: Lexus' hoverboard may never become commercially available, but is it scientifically feasible? You'd need to place a superconducting material in a magnetic field powerful enough to support the board and the rider. Steve Gourlay of ...

feed Why Is Google Opening a New Data Center In a Former Coal-Fired Power Plant? (2015/6/27 16:35:00)
HughPickens.com writes: Quentin Hardy reports at the NY Times that Google has announced it is opening its 14th data center inside a former coal-fired power plant in Stevenson, Alabama. While there is considerable irony in taking over a coal-burning p ...

feed NIST Updates Random Number Generation Guidelines (2015/6/27 14:34:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Encryption weighs heavily on the public consciousness these days, as we've learned that government agencies are keeping an eye on us and a lot of our security tools aren't as foolproof as we've thought. In response to this ...

feed Protesters Block Effort To Restart Work On Controversial Hawaii Telescope (2015/6/27 11:04:00)
sciencehabit writes: An attempt to restart construction on what would be one of the world's largest telescopes was blocked yesterday, after state authorities escorting construction vehicles clashed with protesters blockading the road to the summit of ...

feed Charter Hires Net Neutrality Activist To Make Policy (2015/6/27 9:02:00)
An anonymous reader writes: The Federal Communications Commission has been at loggerheads with many ISPs lately, after the agency pushed through net neutrality rules that have now gone into effect. The defeat of Comcast's attempted acquisition of Tim ...

feed Touring NASA's Space Shuttle Cockpit Trainer (2015/6/27 8:17:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Now that the space shuttles have been retired, NASA has been shutting down and cleaning out all of the equipment dedicated to keeping them in service. One such tool was the Crew Compartment Trainer II, a full-size replica ...

feed Cisco Security Appliances Found To Have Default SSH Keys (2015/6/27 4:43:00)
Trailrunner7 writes: Many Cisco security appliances contain default, authorized SSH keys that can allow an attacker to connect to an appliance and take almost any action he chooses. The company said all of its Web Security Virtual Appliances, Email S ...

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