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feed Ransomware Adds DDoS Attacks To Annoy More People (2016/5/22 23:30:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Ransomware developers have found another method of monetizing their operations by adding a DDoS component to their malicious payloads. So instead of just encrypting your files and locking your screen, new ransomware versio ...

feed Google-Backed Solar Plant Catches on Fire (2016/5/22 22:30:00)
An anonymous reader writes:"The world's largest solar plant just torched itself," read the headline at Gizmodo, reporting on a fire Thursday at the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System. Built on 4,000 acres of public land in the Mojave Desert, th ...

feed Node.js Now Runs COBOL and FORTRAN (2016/5/22 20:30:00)
Last summer a developer created a plugin which made it possible to run snippets of COBOL code embedded in java_script using the Node.js interpreter. Now Slashdot reader techfilz writes: Romanian developer Bizau Ionica has engineered a software bridge ...

feed Japanese Startup Wants To Rain Down Man-Made Meteor For Tokyo Olympics (2016/5/22 16:30:00)
A startup called Star-ALE wants to create a man-made meteor shower over the city of Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics opening ceremonies. The pyrotechnics show, Star-ALE says, will be visible from an area 200km across Japan, and the pyrotechnics will actua ...

feed How Militarized Cops Are Zapping Rights With Stingray (2016/5/22 12:29:00)
"Police nationwide are secretly exploiting intrusive technologies with the feds' complicity," argues a new article on Alternet -- calling out Stingray, which mimics a cellphone tower to identify every cellphone nearby. "It gathers information not onl ...

feed Abrams Says Paramount Will Drop Star Trek/Axenar Lawsuit (2016/5/22 10:29:00)
An anonymous reader writes:At a fan event Friday for the upcoming Star Trek movie, producer J. J. Abrams said Paramount Pictures' lawsuit against Axanar Productions was "going away." Director Justin Lin had been outraged by the lawsuit against the cr ...

feed Fake Facebook Event Draws Police, Spawns New Meme (2016/5/22 8:29:00)
An anonymous reader writes: A fake event announcement on Facebook has now launched "a long string of viral jokes featuring fake concert events for music acts at oddly appropriate venues," according to CNET -- for example, a Radiohead concert at Radio ...

feed The World's Largest Cruise Ship and Its Supersized Pollution Problem (2016/5/22 7:30:00)
An anonymous reader cites a report on the Guardian: When the gargantuan Harmony of the Seas slips out of Southampton docks on Sunday afternoon on its first commercial voyage, the 16-deck-high floating city will switch off its auxiliary engines, fire ...

feed Did A German Nuclear Plant Intentionally Leak Radioactive Waste? (2016/5/22 6:29:00)
mdsolar shares this report from a Berlin news site: A former engineer at one of Germanyâ(TM)s nuclear reactors has made an astonishing claim: that the plant intentionally pumped radioactive waste into the atmosphere in 1986. Speaking to the West ...

feed Linux Advocate Suggests Using More Closed-Source Software (2016/5/22 5:29:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Open Source advocate Jack Wallen is a writer for Linux.com and Tech Republic. He predicts that both Windows and OS X will be Open Source within 5 years, writing that "neither Microsoft nor Apple make serious money from ope ...

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