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link slashdot slashdot (2014/11/26 5:28:28)

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feed Millions of Spiders Seen In Mass Dispersal Event In Nova Scotia (2014/11/20 19:37:00)
Freshly Exhumed writes A bizarre and oddly beautiful display of spider webs have been woven across a large field along a walking trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. "Well it's acres and acres; it's a sea of web," said Allen McCormick. Prof. Ro ...

feed BitTorrent Unveils Sync 2.0 (2014/11/20 17:02:00)
An anonymous reader writes BitTorrent today outlined the company's plans for its file synchronization tool Sync. Next year, the company will launch Sync 2.0, finally taking the product out of beta, as well as three new paid Sync products. Ever since ...

feed Android Botnet Evolves, Could Pose Threat To Corporate Networks (2014/11/20 14:34:00)
angry tapir writes An Android Trojan program that's behind one of the longest running multipurpose mobile botnets has been updated to become stealthier and more resilient. The botnet is mainly used for instant message spam and rogue ticket purchases, ...

feed What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered? (2014/11/20 12:03:00)
StartsWithABang writes After successfully landing on a comet with all 10 instruments intact, but failing to deploy its thrusters and harpoons to anchor onto the surface, Philae bounced, coming to rest in an area with woefully insufficient sunlight to ...

feed Blowing On Money To Tell If It Is Counterfeit (2014/11/20 10:05:00)
HughPickens.com writes Scientific American reports that simply breathing on money could soon reveal if it's the real deal or counterfeit thanks to a photonic crystal ink developed by Ling Bai and Zhongze Gu and colleagues at Southeast University in N ...

feed Court Shuts Down Alleged $120M Tech Support Scam (2014/11/20 9:25:00)
wiredmikey writes A federal court has temporarily shut down and frozen the assets of two telemarketing operations accused by the FTC of scamming customers out of more than $120 million by deceptively marketing computer software and tech support servi ...

feed Firefox Signs Five-Year Deal With Yahoo, Drops Google as Default Search Engine (2014/11/20 8:43:00)
mpicpp writes with news that Yahoo will soon become the default search engine in Firefox. Google's 10-year run as Firefox's default search engine is over. Yahoo wants more search traffic, and a deal with Mozilla will bring it. In a major departure fo ...

feed The Software Big Oil's PR Firm Uses To "Convert Average Citizens" (2014/11/20 8:02:00)
merbs writes The CEO of the world's largest PR firm has a policy when it comes to campaigns that focus on the environment. "We do not work with astroturf groups and we have never created a website for a client with the intent to deny climate change," ...

feed Congress Suggests Moat, Eletronic Fence To Protect White House (2014/11/20 7:40:00)
PolygamousRanchKid writes Acting Secret Service director Joseph Clancy on Wednesday faced a number of tough questions from the House Judiciary Committee about the fence jumper who made it deep into the White House. But along with the tough questions, ...

feed Is a Moral Compass a Hinderance Or a Help For Startups? (2014/11/20 7:20:00)
Nerval's Lobster writes As an emerging company in a hotly contested space, Uber already had a reputation for playing hardball with competitors, even before reports leaked of one of its executives threatening to dig into the private lives of journalis ...

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