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feed More Than 1 Million Android Devices Rooted By Gooligan Malware (2016/12/1 2:25:00)
Reader Trailrunner7 writes: A new version of an existing piece of malware has emerged in some third-party Android app stores and researchers say it has infected more than a million devices around the world, giving the attackers full access to victims ...

feed Social Media Is Killing Discourse Because It's Too Much Like TV (2016/12/1 1:45:00)
Reader Joe_NoOne writes: Like TV, social media now increasingly entertains us, and even more so than television it amplifies our existing beliefs and habits. It makes us feel more than think, and it comforts more than challenges. The result is a deep ...

feed Facebook Cuts Off Competitor Prisma's API Access (2016/12/1 1:03:00)
Photo-filter app Prisma, the popular program which makes pictures and video look like painterly art, had its access to Facebook's Live Video API revoked this month. From a report on NYMag:According to Prisma, Facebook justified choking off Prisma's a ...

feed China Pilots a System That Rates Citizens on 'Social Credit Score' To Determine Eligibility For Jobs, Travel (2016/12/1 0:28:00)
Speculations have turned out be true. The Chinese government is now testing systems that will be used to create digital records of citizens' social and financial behavior. In turn, these will be used to create a so-called social credit score, which w ...

feed Netflix Finally Gets Download Option (2016/11/30 23:45:00)
For years, people asked Netflix to give them the ability to download movies and TV episodes. Though this might not seem like that big of a deal in many regions where internet connectivity is cheap and omnipresent, same is not the case everywhere, esp ...

feed GoPro Slashes 15% of Workforce, Shuts Down Entertainment Division (2016/11/30 23:05:00)
GoPro has announced that it will lay off more than 200 employees and freeze hiring, amounting to a reduction of about 15% of its workforce. As part of the restructuring, the company is also shutting down its entertainment division. In addition, the c ...

feed New Study Shows Marijuana Users Have Low Blood Flow To the Brain (2016/11/30 22:00:00)
cold fjord writes: State level marijuana legalization efforts across the U.S. have been gaining traction driven by the folk wisdom that marijuana is both a harmless recreational drug and a useful medical treatment for many aliments. However, some cra ...

feed Theory Challenging Einstein's View On Speed of Light Could Soon Be Tested (2016/11/30 19:00:00)
mspohr writes: The Guardian has a news article about a recently published journal entry proposing a way to test the theory that the speed of light was infinite at the birth of the universe: "The newborn universe may have glowed with light beams movin ...

feed San Francisco's 58-Story Millennium Tower Seen Sinking From Space (2016/11/30 16:00:00)
An anonymous reader quotes a report from SFGate: Engineers in San Francisco have tunneled underground to try and understand the sinking of the 58-story Millennium Tower. Now comes an analysis from space. The European Space Agency has released detaile ...

feed India Unveils the World's Largest Solar Power Plant (2016/11/30 12:30:00)
Kamuthi in Tamil Nadu, India is now home to the world's largest solar plant that adds 648 MW to the country's generating capacity. Previously, the Topaz Solar Farm in California, which was completed two years ago and has a capacity of 550 MW, held th ...

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