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link slashdot slashdot (2014/8/2 5:21:28)

There are 4784 datas in databese

feed Popular Android Apps Full of Bugs: Researchers Blame Recycling of Code (2014/7/28 12:55:00)
New submitter Brett W (3715683) writes The security researchers that first published the 'Heartbleed' vulnerabilities in OpenSSL have spent the last few months auditing the Top 50 downloaded Android apps for vulnerabilities and have found issues with ...

feed Newly Discovered Virus Widespread in Human Gut (2014/7/28 9:35:00)
A newly discovered virus has been found by a San Diego State University team to live inside more than half of all human gut cells sampled. Exploring genetic material found in intestinal samples, the international team uncovered the CrAssphage virus. ...

feed Off the Florida Coast, Astronauts Train For Asteroid Mission (2014/7/28 8:06:00)
Space.com gives an overview of the training that four astronauts are undergoing over 9 days submerged off the coast of Florida near Key Largo. The training mission, dubbed NEEMO 18, is one step toward a proposed (mid-2020s) mission to actually visit ...

feed Valencia Linux School Distro Saves 36 Million Euro (2014/7/28 7:04:00)
jrepin (667425) writes "The government of the autonomous region of Valencia (Spain) earlier this month made available the next version of Lliurex, a customisation of the Edubuntu Linux distribution. The distro is used on over 110,000 PCs in schools i ...

feed A Router-Based Dev Board That Isn't a Router (2014/7/28 6:10:00)
An anonymous reader writes with a link to an intriguing device highlighted at Hackaday (it's an Indiegogo project, too, if it excites you $90 worth, and seems well on its way to meeting its modest goal): The DPT Board is something that may be of inte ...

feed Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine (2014/7/28 5:05:00)
U.S. officials today made public satellite imagery which they say proves that Russian forces have been shelling eastern Ukraine in a campaign to assist rebel groups fighting Ukraine’s government. The U.S. Office of the Director of National Inte ...

feed Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken" (2014/7/28 3:40:00)
hypnosec (2231454) writes to point out a pointed critique from Linus Torvalds of GCC 4.9.0. after a random panic was discovered in a load balance function in Linux 3.16-rc6. in an email to the Linux kernel mailing list outlining two separate but poss ...

feed SpaceX Executive Calls For $22-25 Billion NASA Budget (2014/7/28 2:37:00)
MarkWhittington (1084047) writes "While participating in a panel called "The US Space Enterprise Partnership" at the NewSpace Conference that was held by the Space Frontier Foundation on Saturday, SpaceX Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell opined ...

feed Ask Slashdot: What Would You Do With Half a Rack of Server Space? (2014/7/28 1:40:00)
New submitter Christian Gainsbrugh (3766717) writes I work at a company that is currently transitioning all our servers into the cloud. In the interim we have half a rack of server space in a great datacenter that will soon be sitting completely idle ...

feed Amputee Is German Long Jump Champion (2014/7/28 0:33:00)
hweimer (709734) writes "German long jumper Markus Rehm has written sports history yesterday, becoming the first disabled athlete to win a national able-bodied championship. His jump to 8.24 meters put him on the 9th place of the current season ranki ...

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