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feed Researchers Determine What Makes Software Developers Unhappy (2017/4/16 16:50:00)
Researchers recently surveyed 2,200 software developers to calculate the distribution of unhappiness throughout the profession, and to identify its top causes, "incorporating a psychometrically validated instrument for measuring (un)happiness." An an ...

feed Ask Slashdot: What Was Your First Home Computer? (2017/4/16 12:50:00)
We've recently seen stories about old computers and sys-ops resurrecting 1980s BBS's, but now an anonymous reader has a question for all Slashdot readers:Whenever I meet geeks, there's one question that always gets a reaction: Do you remember your fi ...

feed North Korea Parades Hybrid 'Frankenmissile', Then Fails Yet Another Missile Launch Test (2017/4/16 10:50:00)
First, an anonymous reader quotes Inverse:On Saturday, the North Korean military paraded an unprecedented array of weapons through Kim Il-sung Square in the center of Pyongyang... "We're totally floored right now," Dave Schmerler of the Middlebury In ...

feed Should Burger King Be Prosecuted For Their Google Home-Triggering Ads? (2017/4/16 8:34:00)
Slashdot reader Lauren Weinstein thinks Burger King should be prosecuted forsuccessfully running an alternate version of its advertisement to trigger Google Home devices again Wednesday:Someone -- or more likely a bunch of someones -- at Burger King ...

feed Cadillac's Hands-Free Driving Option Also Nags Inattentive Drivers (2017/4/16 7:34:00)
Using LIDAR sensors, Cadillac mapped 160,000 miles of U.S. highways "within five centimeters of accuracy" to give its hands-free-on-the-highway cars the ability to better anticipate the roads ahead -- and to know when a human driver should take over. ...

feed GOP Congressman Defending Privacy Vote: 'Nobody's Got To Use The Internet' (2017/4/16 6:34:00)
Wisconsin congressman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. defended his decision to help repeal broadband privacy rules by telling a constituent, "Nobody's got to use the Internet." An anonymous reader quotes the 73-year-old congressman:"And the thing is that ...

feed Unpatched Magento Zero Day Leaves 200,000 Merchants Vulnerable (2017/4/16 5:34:00)
An anonymous reader quotes ThreatPost:A popular version of the open source Magento ecommerce platform is vulnerable to a zero-day remote code execution vulnerability, putting as many as 200,000 online retailers at risk... According Bosko Stankovic, i ...

feed 'Pragmatic Programmer' Author Andy Hunt Loves Arduino, Hates java_script (2017/4/16 4:34:00)
Andy Hunt is one of the 17 software developers who wrote the Agile Manifesto, and he co-authored The Pragmatic Programmer. Now Slashdot reader cerberusss writes:In an interview with Best Programming Books, Andy Hunt mentions he "hates languages that ...

feed RIP, Robert Taylor, The Innovator Who Shaped Modern Computing (2017/4/16 3:34:00)
"Any way you look at it, from kick-starting the Internet to launching the personal computer revolution, Bob Taylor was a key architect of our modern world," says a historian at Stanford's Silicon Valley Archives. An anonymous reader quotes the New Yo ...

feed Troll With 'Stupid Patent' Sues EFF. EFF Sues Them Back (2017/4/16 2:34:00)
"The Electronic Frontier Foundation has sued an Australian company that it previously dubbed as a 'classic patent troll' in a June 2016 blog post entitled: Stupid Patent of the Month: Storage Cabinets on a Computer." An anonymous reader quotes Ars Te ...

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