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feed Is The DOJ Using Obsolete Software To Subvert FOIA Requests? (2016/7/17 23:35:00)
"A new lawsuit alleges that the U.S. Department of Justice intentionally conducts inadequate searches of its records using a decades-old computer system when queried by citizens looking for records that should be available to the public," reports The ...

feed First Open Source-Based Database Completes U.S. Security Review (2016/7/17 22:35:00)
RaDag writes: The U.S. government has published a DoD-validated implementation guide, known as a STIG, for EDB Postgres Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB (EDB). This is a first. No other open source database, or open source-based database, has been t ...

feed New Study Shows Why Big Pharma Hates Medical Marijuana (2016/7/17 20:35:00)
HughPickens.com writes: Christopher Ingraham writes in the Washington Post that a new study shows that painkiller abuse and overdose are significantly lower in states with medical marijuana laws and that when medical marijuana is available, pain pati ...

feed How (And Why) FreeDOS Keeps DOS Alive (2016/7/17 16:35:00)
FreeDOS was originally created in response to Microsoft's announcement that after Windows 95, DOS would no longer be developed as a standalone operating system, according to a new interview about how (and why) Jim Hall keeps FreeDOS alive. For its ne ...

feed Microsoft 'Patch' Blocks Linux Installs On Locked-Down Windows RT Computers (2016/7/17 12:35:00)
An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes a report from fossBytes:Microsoft has released a security update that has patched a backdoor in Windows RT operating system [that] allowed users to install non-Redmond approved operating systems like Linux and Andr ...

feed Energy Prices Skyrocket in South Australia (2016/7/17 10:35:00)
Slashdot reader sycodon quotes an article from AFR:Turmoil in South Australia's heavily wind-reliant electricity market has forced the state government to plead with the owner of a mothballed gas-fired power station to turn it back on. The emergency ...

feed Bird-Shaped Drone Symbolizes New Forms Of Covert Surveillance To Come (2016/7/17 8:35:00)
One security writer in Somali recently discovered a downed metal drone that had been carefully disguised as a bird, a reminder that drones will bring powerful new forms of surveillance. Slashdot reader Stephen Sellner also shares an article by the CE ...

feed Robotic Exoskeletons May Become Skintight Suits (2016/7/17 7:35:00)
Slashdot reader Kassandra Perlongo shares an article about "soft robotics and exoskeletons" at the University of Salford, writing "those bulky, mechanical suits could eventually be a thing of the past." Children with a rare neurological disease were ...

feed Paypal Founder Peter Thiel To Speak At Trump's Republican Convention (2016/7/17 6:35:00)
Slashdot reader speedplane writes: The New York Times is reporting that renowned Venture Capitalist, Paypal Founder, and Gawker Litigation Funder, Peter Thiel will be speaking at the Republican National Convention. The original story does not state w ...

feed Intel ChromeBooks Can Now Run Wine and Steam (2016/7/17 5:35:00)
"With Google Play and Android app support hitting Chromebooks, it's now possible to run Windows applications/games on Chromebooks via CrossOver For Android," reports Phoronix. Slashdot reader grungy writes: The first Intel ChromeBooks have access to ...

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