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link slashdot slashdot (2015/5/27 5:20:21)

There are 7938 datas in databese

feed Microwave Comms Betwen Population Centers Could Be Key To Easing Internet Bottlenecks (2015/5/20 0:03:00)
itwbennett writes: Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Duke University recently looked at the main causes of Internet latency and what it would take to achieve speed-of-light performance. The first part of the paper, t ...

feed Trojanized, Info-Stealing PuTTY Version Lurking Online (2015/5/19 23:22:00)
One of the best first steps in setting up a Windows machine is to install PuTTY on it, so you have a highly evolved secure shell at your command. An anonymous reader writes, though, with a note of caution if you're installing PuTTY from a source othe ...

feed Battle To Regulate Ridesharing Moves Through States (2015/5/19 22:35:00)
New submitter jeffengel writes: The push to regulate services like Uber and Lyft has spread through state legislatures nationwide. At least 15 states have passed ridesharing laws in 2015, joining Colorado, California, and Illinois from last year. Mor ...

feed Swedish Court Orders Seizure of Pirate Bay Domains (2015/5/19 21:56:00)
The Pirate Bay will probably never be the darling of any government; we've seen various Pirate Bay domains cracked down on, and the arrests of site founders. An anonymous reader writes now with the news reported this morning by TorrentFreak that: the ...

feed The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties (2015/5/19 21:14:00)
HughPickens.com writes: Daniel McGraw writes that based on their demographic characteristics the Democratic and Republican parties face two very different futures. There's been much written about how millennials are becoming a reliable voting bloc fo ...

feed Microsoft To Teachers: Using Pens and Paper Not Fair To Students (2015/5/19 20:28:00)
Freshly Exhumed writes: Pens and paper have no place in the modern classroom, according to Lia De Cicco Remu, director of Partners in Learning at Microsoft Canada. "When was the last time you used a piece of chalk to express yourself?" De Cicco Remu, ...

feed European Internet Users Urged To Protect Themselves Against Facebook Tracking (2015/5/19 18:31:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Belgium's Privacy Protection Commission says that Facebook tramples on European privacy laws by tracking people online without their consent and dodges questions from national regulators. They have issued a set of recommen ...

feed UK Criminals Use Drones To Case Burglary Prospects (2015/5/19 16:01:00)
turkeydance writes: Burglars in the UK are sending unmanned drones over houses in order to identify potential targets, police have warned. Suffolk Constabulary confirmed it had received at least one report of drones being used by burglars for surveil ...

feed US Navy Abandons Cloud and Data Center Plans In Favor of New Strategy (2015/5/19 13:31:00)
An anonymous reader writes: The U.S. Navy is not pleased with the progress it has made on data center consolidation and plans to change strategies. "Later this year, we will make an organizational change to our approach to data center consolidation. ...

feed Court of Appeals Says Samsung's Legal Payments To Apple Should Be Reduced (2015/5/19 5:04:00)
Mark Wilson writes: Patent lawsuits in the world of technology are nothing new, and the case between Apple and Samsung resulted in one of the largest fines ever being handed down. Samsung was order to pay $930 million in damages after a court found t ...

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