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feed "Police Detector" Monitors Emergency Radio Transmissions (2014/10/27 22:35:00)
schwit1 writes A Dutch company has introduced a detection system that can alert you if a police officer or other emergency services official is using a two-way radio nearby. Blu Eye monitors frequencies used by the encrypted TETRA encrypted communica ...

feed How To View the Antares Launch (2014/10/27 21:49:00)
An anonymous reader points out NASA's info page on the Anatares rocket launch happening later today. NASA's Wallops Flight Facility and Virginia's Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport are set to support the launch of Orbital Sciences' Antares rocket at 6: ...

feed Steve Ballmer Gets Billion-Dollar Tax Write-Off For Being Basketball Baron (2014/10/27 21:05:00)
McGruber (1417641) writes "According to a report published by The Financial Times (paywalled), ex-Microsoft CEO Billionaire Steve Ballmer will be able to write off about a billion dollars of his basketball team's purchase price from the taxable incom ...

feed EU Court Rules Embedding YouTube Videos Is Not Copyright Infringement (2014/10/27 18:05:00)
Maurits van der Schee writes "The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that embedding a copyrighted YouTube video in your site is not copyright infringement. From the article: "The case in question was referred to EU’s Court of Just ...

feed First Commercial Mission To the Moon Launched From China (2014/10/27 15:08:00)
mbone writes with news about the first privately-funded spacecraft to travel the Moon. Cold War competition between superpowers dominated the first decades of space travel and exploration. Individual governments took the lead, bankrolling most of the ...

feed Pentagon Builds Units To Transport Ebola Patients (2014/10/27 12:05:00)
First time accepted submitter halfquibble52 writes As more U.S. troops head to West Africa, the Pentagon is developing portable isolation units that can carry up to 12 Ebola patients for transport on military planes. The Pentagon says it does not exp ...

feed Solving the Mystery of Declining Female CS Enrollment (2014/10/27 9:29:00)
theodp writes After an NPR podcast fingered the marketing of computers to boys as the culprit behind the declining percentages of women in undergraduate CS curricula since 1984 (a theory seconded by Smithsonian mag), some are concluding that NPR got ...

feed Dwarf Galaxies Dim Hopes of Dark Matter (2014/10/27 8:20:00)
An anonymous reader writes Once again, a shadow of a signal that scientists hoped would amplify into conclusive evidence of dark matter has instead flatlined, repeating a maddening refrain in the search for the invisible, omnipresent particles. The F ...

feed Study: Past Climate Change Was Caused by Ocean, Not Just the Atmosphere (2014/10/27 7:13:00)
Chipmunk100 writes Most of the concerns about climate change have focused on the amount of greenhouse gases that have been released into the atmosphere. Researchers have found that circulation of the ocean plays an equally important role in regulatin ...

feed US Army May Relax Physical Requirements To Recruit Cyber Warriors (2014/10/27 6:08:00)
HughPickens.com writes Clifford Davis reports that only 30% of young people between the ages of 17 and 24 are qualified to become soldiers. This is primarily due to three issues: obesity or health problems; lack of a high school education; and crimin ...

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