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feed The Woman Who Should Have Been the First Female Astronaut (2014/10/20 15:04:00)
StartsWithABang writes We like to think of the Mercury 7 — the very first group of NASA astronauts — as the "best of the best," having been chosen from a pool of over 500 of the top military test pilots after three rounds of intense physi ...

feed 3-D Printed "Iron Man" Prosthetic Hands Now Available For Kids (2014/10/20 12:12:00)
PC World (drawing on an article from 3DPrint.com) notes that inventor Pat Starace has released his plans for a 3-D printable prosthetic hand designed to appeal both to kids who need it and their parents (who can't all afford the cost of conventional ...

feed If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data (2014/10/20 9:11:00)
fyngyrz (762201) writes It would seem that no matter how you configure Yosemite, Apple is listening. Keeping in mind that this is only what's been discovered so far, and given what's known to be going on, it's not unthinkable that more is as well. Sh ...

feed In UK, Internet Trolls Could Face Two Years In Jail (2014/10/20 8:13:00)
An anonymous reader writes with this news from The Guardian about a proposed change in UK law that would greatly increase the penalties for online incivility: Internet trolls who spread "venom" on social media could be jailed for up to two years, the ...

feed Gigabit Cellular Networks Could Happen, With 24GHz Spectrum (2014/10/20 7:03:00)
An anonymous reader writes A Notice of Inquiry was issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday that focuses research on higher frequencies for sending gigabit streams of mobile data. The inquiry specifically states that its purpos ...

feed Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres (2014/10/20 6:01:00)
BarbaraHudson writes Those free soft drinks at your last start-up may come with a huge hidden price tag. The Toronto Sun reports that researchers at the University of California — San Francisco found study participants who drank pop daily had s ...

feed NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission (2014/10/20 4:50:00)
An anonymous reader writes "Space News reports that NASA has cancelled its solar sail demonstration mission (also known as Sunjammer) citing "a lack of confidence in its contractor's ability to deliver." "Company president Nathan] Barnes said that in ...

feed Brain Patterns Give Clues To Why Some People Just Keep Gambling (2014/10/20 3:50:00)
Research from several UK universities , as reported by Time, indicates that the brain activity of compulsive gamblers shows a marked difference in response to pleasure-triggering behavior, which may help explain why they have trouble stopping: [The p ...

feed Watch Comet Siding Spring's Mars Fly-By, Live (2014/10/20 2:22:00)
From the L.A. Times, and with enough time to tune in, comes this tip: Comet Siding Spring's closest approach to the red planet will occur at 11:27 a.m. [Pacific Time] on Sunday. At its closest approach, the comet will come within 87,000 miles of Mars ...

feed Ask Slashdot: Good Hosting Service For a Parody Site? (2014/10/20 0:46:00)
An anonymous reader writes "Ok, bear with me now. I know this is not PC Mag 2014 review of hosting services. I am thinking of getting a parody website up. I am mildly concerned about potential reaction of the parodee, who has been known to be a littl ...

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