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link slashdot slashdot (2015/5/25 5:20:33)

There are 7924 datas in databese

feed In-Database R Coming To SQL Server 2016 (2015/5/17 3:49:00)
theodp writes: Wondering what kind of things Microsoft might do with its purchase of Revolution Analytics? Over at the Revolutions blog, David Smith announces that in-database R is coming to SQL Server 2016. "With this update," Smith writes, "data sc ...

feed The Economic Consequences of Self-Driving Trucks (2015/5/17 2:48:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Last week we learned that self-driving big-rig trucks were finally being deployed on public roads in Nevada for testing purposes. Experts consider trucking to be ripe for replacement with AI because of the sheer volume of ...

feed On the Taxonomy of Sci-Fi Spaceships (2015/5/17 1:40:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Jeff Venancio has done some research that's perfect reading for a lazy Saturday afternoon: figuring out a coherent taxonomy for sci-fi spaceships. If you're a sci-fi fan, you've doubtless heard or read references to a part ...

feed Microsoft Confirms It Won't Offer Free Windows 10 Upgrades To Pirates (2015/5/17 0:35:00)
An anonymous reader writes: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. All that talk about pirates getting free Windows 10 upgrades? Not happening. For genuine users, the free upgrade to Windows 10 means receiving "ongoing Windows innovat ...

feed MAME Changing License To Fully Libre One (2015/5/16 23:31:00)
jones_supa writes: The source code of MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) has long been freely available, but it's never been completely libre. Instead, it's been available under a modified BSD license that prohibits, among other things, commerci ...

feed Russian Rocket Crashes In Siberia (2015/5/16 22:28:00)
An anonymous reader writes: A Russian Proton-M rocket carrying a Mexican satellite broke down shortly after launch and crashed in Siberia. Russian space agency Roscosmos is investigating the incident, but the cause is not yet known. In the video, the ...

feed Linino-Enabled Arduino Yun Shrinks In Size and Cost (2015/5/16 21:26:00)
DeviceGuru writes: Arduino announced a smaller, cheaper Arduino Yun Mini version of the Arduino Yun SBC at the Bay Area Maker Faire [Friday]. The $60 Arduino Yun Mini SBC sacrifices a number of interfaces in order to reduce size, and gives the OpenWR ...

feed Canadian Prime Minister To Music Lobby: Here's Your Copyright Term Extension (2015/5/16 20:18:00)
An anonymous reader writes: The Canadian government's decision to extend the term of copyrightfor sound recordings in the budget may have taken most copyrightobservers by surprise, but not the music industry. The extensionwill reducecompetition, incr ...

feed European Telecoms May Block Mobile Ads, Spelling Trouble For Google (2015/5/16 18:19:00)
Mark Wilson has news that may have a big impact on both advertisers and end-users who use their phones as portals to ad-supported websites. Several European telecom providers are apparently planning to use ad-blocking software at the data-center leve ...

feed How MMO Design Has Improved Bar Trivia (2015/5/16 15:34:00)
Polygon.com features a look at how (very) different computer game worlds can meet, in the form of game designer Ralph Koster's Kitchen Disasters-style rescue effort to revive a game quite unlike the ones he's famous for designing, like Ultima Online. ...

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