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feed Nerves Rattled By Highly Suspicious Windows Update Delivered Worldwide (2015/10/1 4:29:00)
An anonymous reader writes: If you're using Windows 7 you might want to be careful about which updates you install. Users on Windows forums are worried about a new "important" update that looks a little suspect. Ars reports: "'Clearly there's somethi ...

feed AdBlock Plus To Introduce Independent Board To Oversee Acceptable Ads Program (2015/10/1 3:44:00)
Mark Wilson writes: Ad blocking has been in the news quite a lot recently, not least because of iOS 9's new support for advertising avoidance. Perhaps the most famous tool in the arena is Adblock Plus. It's something that many people have become reli ...

feed 500 Million Users At Risk of Compromise Via Unpatched WinRAR Bug (2015/10/1 3:02:00)
An anonymous reader writes: A critical vulnerability has been found in the latest version of WinRAR, the popular file archiver and compressor utility for Windows, and can be exploited by remote attackers to compromise a machine on which the software ...

feed Houston's Gifted Education Program Biased Against Blacks and Latinos (2015/10/1 2:20:00)
tiberus sends an NPR report investigating the fairness of gifted and talented programs in Houston schools. Analysts believe black and hispanic students are at put at a disadvantage because of the way in which the program is run. Quoting:Donna Ford, a ...

feed The Global Struggle To Prevent Cyberwar (2015/10/1 1:38:00)
blottsie writes: What constitutes war in the 21st century? In an age of almost constant cyberattacks against major corporations and world governments, the consensus among international-law experts is clear: Nobody knows. This sweeping Daily Dot inves ...

feed Linux Foundation Puts the Cost of Replacing Its Open Source Projects At $5 Billion (2015/10/1 0:56:00)
chicksdaddy writes: Everybody recognizes that open source software incredibly valuable, by providing a way to streamline the creation of new applications and services. But how valuable, exactly? The Linux Foundation has released a new research paper ...

feed Tesla Unveils the Model X (2015/10/1 0:14:00)
An anonymous reader writes with news that Tesla has officially unveiled its Model X SUV. It's their third vehicle, after the Roadster and Model S. Its 90kWh battery provides 250 miles of range, and the vehicle can go from zero to 60 mph in 3.2 second ...

feed New Attack Bypasses Mac OS X Gatekeeper (2015/9/30 23:31:00)
msm1267 writes: Mac OS X's Gatekeeper security service is supposed to protect Apple computers from executing code that's not signed by Apple or downloaded from its App Store. A researcher, however, has built an exploit that uses a signed binary to ex ...

feed NY Times: Temporary Visas To Import Talent Help Copycats Take Jobs Abroad (2015/9/30 22:49:00)
ErichTheRed writes: A new article from the NY Times surprised me. It describes what we in the IT industry see all the time — H-1B visas being used way outside of their original purpose. I think this is significant because the article describes ...

feed Treefinder Revokes Software License For Users In Immigrant-Friendly Nations (2015/9/30 22:06:00)
dotancohen writes: The author of bioinformatics software Treefinder is revoking the license to his software for researchers working in eight European countries because he says those countries allow too many immigrants to cross their borders, effectiv ...

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