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feed Engineer Gets Tired Of Waiting For Telecom Companies To Wire His town -- So He Does It Himself (2016/7/21 5:05:00)
Gurb, 75 kilometers north of Barcelona, is a quiet farming community of 2,500. It has suddenly become a popular place, thanks to being the birthplace of Guifi.net, one of the world's "most important experiments in telecommunications." It was built by ...

feed France: Windows 10 Collects 'Excessive Personal Data', Issues Microsoft With Formal Warning (2016/7/21 4:25:00)
France's National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) has ordered Microsoft to "stop collecting excessive data and tracking browsing by users without consent," adding that Microsoft must comply with the French Data Protection Act within next three mont ...

feed Japan Will Make Its Last-Ever VCR This Month (2016/7/21 3:44:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Most of us stopped using video cassette recorders a very, very long time ago. By 2008, DVD had officially replaced VHS as the preferred home media format, and the glory days of the 1980s -- when VHS and Betamax battled it ...

feed Android Nougat Won't Boot If Your Phone's Software Is Corrupt Or Has Malware (2016/7/21 3:06:00)
An anonymous reader shares a report on Android Authority: In a bid to increase the security of the Android operating system, Google has introduced a new check for malware as part of the boot process in all Android devices. Until Marshmallow, Android ...

feed Firefox To Block Non-Essential Flash Content In August 2016, Require Click-To-Activate In 2017 (2016/7/21 2:25:00)
Mozilla has announced that it plans to discontinue support for Flash in Firefox. Starting next month, Firefox will block Flash content "that is not essential to the user experience." Also, starting sometime in 2017, the browser will require click-to- ...

feed Software Flaw Puts Mobile Phones and Networks At Risk Of Complete Takeover (2016/7/21 1:45:00)
Dan Goodin, reporting for Ars Technica: A newly disclosed vulnerability could allow attackers to seize control of mobile phones and key parts of the world's telecommunications infrastructure and make it possible to eavesdrop or disrupt entire network ...

feed Google Testing AI System To Cool Data Center Energy Bills (2016/7/21 1:05:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Google is looking at artificial intelligence technology to help it identify opportunities for data center energy savings. The company is approaching the end of an initial 2-year trial of the machine learning tool, and hope ...

feed Facebook Messenger Hits 1B Monthly Active Users, Accounts For 10 Percent Of All VoIP Calls (2016/7/21 0:25:00)
Speaking of instant messaging and VoIP call apps, Facebook announced on Wednesday that Facebook Messenger has hit the 1 billion monthly active users milestone. The company adds that Messenger is just more than a text messenger -- in addition to the a ...

feed Skype Finalizes Its Move To the Cloud; To Kill Older Clients -- Remains Tight Lipped About Privacy (2016/7/20 23:45:00)
When it was first created, Skype network was built as a decentralized peer-to-peer system. PCs that had enough processing muscle and bandwidth acted as "supernodes," and coordinated connections between other machines on the network. This p2p system w ...

feed BT Internet Outage Was Our Fault, Says Equinix (2016/7/20 23:00:00)
Kat Hall, reporting for The Register: Telecity's owner, Equinix, has 'fessed up to a "brief outage" which subsequently knocked 10 per cent of BT internet users offline this morning as well as a number of other providers. A spokesman from the group, w ...

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