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feed Mark Zuckerberg Votes To Keep Peter Thiel On Facebook Board (2016/6/21 5:10:00)
Mark Zuckerberg has decided to keep billionaire VC Peter Thiel on Facebook's board of directors. The decision comes after weeks of controversy over whether it was appropriate for billionaire Thiel, who recently admitted to secretly funding a campaign ...

feed New York Criminalizes the Use Of Ticket-Buying Bots (2016/6/21 4:30:00)
An anonymous reader writes: If you failed to get tickets for your favorite band, even though your finger was poised on the "buy" link the instant they went on sale, don't worry -- you never stood a chance. They were probably snapped up by bots that, ...

feed High IQ Countries Have Less Software Piracy, Research Finds (2016/6/21 3:50:00)
Ernesto Van der Sar, writing for TorrentFreak (edited and condensed): There are hundreds of reasons why people may turn to piracy. A financial motive is often mentioned, as well as lacking legal alternatives. A new study from a group of researchers n ...

feed FCC To Vote On Spectrum For 5G Wireless Networks (2016/6/21 3:10:00)
5G has been in the news for years, but it's not available for commercial use just yet. Things will become clearer this week. The Federal Communications Commission will vote on July 14 to decide new rules to identity and open spectrum for next-generat ...

feed Alicia Keys Latest Artist To Enforce No Cell Phone Policy at Concerts (2016/6/21 2:30:00)
Shane McGlaun, reporting for SlashGear:It appears that artists of all sorts are getting very serious about keeping fans from using smartphones while they are at their concerts or events. The latest musician to ban cell phones at her events is Alicia ...

feed Slashdot Asks: What's Your Preferred Music Streaming Service? (2016/6/21 1:50:00)
Spotify announced on Monday that it has hit 100 million users on its music streaming service, with over 30 million paid subscribers. The Swedish music company's service rivals with Apple Music, Pandora, and Google's Play Music. Apple's streaming serv ...

feed Tesla Model S Floats Well Enough To Act As a Boat, According To Elon Musk (2016/6/21 1:03:00)
It appears a Tesla Model S car can float and effectively drive on water. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted a video of a Model S car which was able to float well through a flooded tunnel in Kazakhstan. Musk also noted that the company "definitely" doesn't r ...

feed Hacker Taunts Blizzard After Knocking Gamers Offline (2016/6/21 0:23:00)
Reader itwbennett writes: A person nicknamed AppleJ4ck, who has been previously been linked to Lizard Squad, a group notorious for DDoS attacks against gaming platforms, including the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, has taken credit for server out ...

feed Microsoft Says Edge Browser Is More Power-Efficient Than Chrome (2016/6/20 23:45:00)
An anonymous reader writes: It's no secret that Google's Chrome browser eats up a considerable amount of memory (and by extension, battery). On Monday, Microsoft announced that its Edge browser has succeeded on that front. Citing several tests, Micro ...

feed China Builds World's Fastest Supercomputer Without U.S. Chips (2016/6/20 23:00:00)
Reader dcblogs writes: China on Monday revealed its latest supercomputer, a monolithic system with 10.65 million compute cores built entirely with Chinese microprocessors. This follows a U.S. government decision last year to deny China access to Inte ...

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