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link slashdot slashdot (2014/10/31 5:21:30)

There are 5956 datas in databese

feed Peter Kuran:Visual Effects Artist and Atomic Bomb Archivist (2014/10/25 15:21:00)
Lasrick links to this interview with Peter Kuran, an animator of the original Star Wars and legendary visual effects artist, writing If you saw the recent remake of Godzilla, you saw stock footage from Atom Central, known on YouTube as 'the atomic bo ...

feed OwnCloud Dev Requests Removal From Ubuntu Repos Over Security Holes (2014/10/25 12:14:00)
operator_error notes a report that ownCloud developer Lukas Reschke has emailed the Ubuntu Devel mailing list to request that ownCloud (server) be removed from the Ubuntu repositories because it contains "multiple critical security bugs for which no ...

feed Microsoft Now Makes Money From Surface Line, Q1 Sales Reach Almost $1 Billion (2014/10/25 9:07:00)
SmartAboutThings writes Microsoft has recently published its Q1 fiscal 2015 earnings report, disclosing that it has made $4.5 billion in net income on $23.20 billion in revenue. According to the report, revenue has increased by $4.67 billion, compare ...

feed Days After Shooting, Canada Proposes New Restrictions On and Offline (2014/10/25 8:22:00)
New submitter o_ferguson writes As Slashdot reported earlier this week, a lone shooter attacked the war memorial and parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada on Wednesday. As many comments predicted, the national government has seized this as an opport ...

feed AT&T Locks Apple SIM Cards On New iPads (2014/10/25 7:47:00)
As reported by MacRumors, the unlocked, carrier-switchable SIM cards built into the newest iPads aren't necessarily so -- at least if you buy them from an AT&T store. Though the card comes from Apple with the ability to support (and be switched a ...

feed Passwords: Too Much and Not Enough (2014/10/25 7:08:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Sophos has a blog post up saying, "attempts to get users to choose passwords that will resist offline guessing, e.g., by composition policies, advice and strength meters, must largely be judged failures." They say a passwo ...

feed Verizon Injects Unique IDs Into HTTP Traffic (2014/10/25 6:26:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless carrier, is now also a real-time data broker. According to a security researcher at Stanford, Big Red has been adding a unique identifier to web traffic. The purpose of the i ...

feed Secretive Funding Fuels Ongoing Net Neutrality Astroturfing Controversy (2014/10/25 5:43:00)
alphadogg writes: The contentious debate about net neutrality in the U.S. has sparked controversy over a lack of funding transparency for advocacy groups and think tanks, which critics say subverts the political process. News stories from a handful o ...

feed A Low Cost, Open Source Geiger Counter (Video) (2014/10/25 5:01:00)
Sawaiz Syed's LinkedIn page says he's a "Hardware Developer at GSU [Georgia State University], Department of Physics." That's a great workplace for someone who designs low cost radiation detectors that can be air-dropped into an area where there has ...

feed Computer Scientist Parachutes From 135,908 Feet, Breaking Record (2014/10/25 4:14:00)
An anonymous reader writes: The NY Times reports that Alan Eustace, a computer scientist and senior VP at Google, has successfully broken the record for highest freefall jump, set by Felix Baumgartner in 2012. "For a little over two hours, the balloo ...

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