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feed Apple Announces a Mac Event On October 27, Says 'Hello Again' (2016/10/20 5:11:00)
Apple announced on Wednesday that it will be holding an event on October 27. The tagline of the invite is, "hello again." This suggests that the rumors are true and that the company will indeed announce a fleet of new Mac products. The original Mac w ...

feed RIP, David Bunnell, Founder of More Major Computer Magazines Than Anyone (2016/10/20 4:58:00)
Reader harrymcc writes: David Bunnell has passed away. He stumbled into a job at PC pioneer MITS in the 1970s and went on to create the first PC magazine and first PC conference -- and, later on, PC Magazine, PC World, Macworld, and Macworld Expo. He ...

feed LeEco Who? Chinese Tech Giant Tries Its Luck In the US With 'More Products Than You've Ever Seen' (2016/10/20 4:35:00)
LeEco is often called the Netflix of China. Which is funny for two reasons: LeEco is bigger than Netflix, and it has been around for longer than the American on-demand movies and TV shows streaming service. Besides, LeEco runs a fleet of other busine ...

feed Your Dynamic IP Address Is Now Protected Personal Data Under EU Law (2016/10/20 3:40:00)
Europe's top court has ruled that dynamic IP addresses can constitute "personal data," just like static IP addresses, affording them some protection under EU law against being collected and stored by websites. ArsTechnica UK adds: But the Court of Ju ...

feed LinkedIn Promises To Bring Order and Meaning To Your Useless Endorsements (2016/10/20 3:00:00)
Oliver Staley, reporting for Quartz: LinkedIn's endorsement feature has never felt like the most trustworthy of sources. Rather than a panel of star witnesses who can honestly vouch for you, it more often seems like a random assortment of friends, ac ...

feed Traditional Keyboard Sounds Can be Decoded By Listening Over a VoIP Connection, Researchers Say (2016/10/20 2:20:00)
Reader Trailrunner7 writes: Researchers have known for a long time that acoustic signals from keyboards can be intercepted and used to spy on users, but those attacks rely on grabbing the electronic emanation from the keyboard. New research from the ...

feed ESA Lander's Signal Cut Out Just Before It Was Supposed To Land on Mars (2016/10/20 1:40:00)
An anonymous reader shares an ArsTechnica report: On Wednesday, the European Space Agency sought to become the second entity to successfully land a spacecraft on Mars with its Schiaparelli lander. And everything seemed to be going swimmingly right up ...

feed T-Mobile Fined $48 Million By FCC For Mischaracterizing 'Unlimited' Plan and Throttling Users' Data (2016/10/20 1:00:00)
T-Mobile will have to pay $48 million in fines after reaching a settlement with the FCC over the way it promoted its unlimited data plans. T-Mobile's unlimited data plans don't charge you for going over a certain data limit, but the carrier can slow ...

feed Amazon Japan's Manga-Ready Kindle Has 8 Times the Storage (2016/10/20 0:21:00)
Amazon Japan has an unusual challenge with the Kindle: it not only has to cater to your typical bookworm, but to a local fondness for image-heavy (and thus storage-intensive) manga books. What it's going to do? Release a special model just for those ...

feed Spanish Police Arrest Their First Ever eBook Pirate (2016/10/19 23:42:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Spain's Ministry of the Interior has announced the first ever arrest of an eBook pirate. The suspect is said to have uploaded more than 11,000 literary works online, many on the same day as their official release. More tha ...

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