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feed School Installs Biometric Fingerprint System For Cafeteria (2014/9/15 0:44:00)
An anonymous reader writes with news about a school in England that has introduced a cashless cafeteria system that is raising some privacy concerns among some. Stourbridge students will soon be able to pay for their lunch without searching their poc ...

feed Indian Mars Mission Has Completed 95% of Its Journey Without a Hitch (2014/9/14 23:39:00)
First time accepted submitter rinka writes India's Mars Orbiter Mission, known as Mangalyaan, has made some progress since we last discussed it. The mission is on target and has completed 95% of it's journey. It will reach its destination before the ...

feed Original 11' Star Trek Enterprise Model Being Restored Again (2014/9/14 22:36:00)
NormalVisual (565491) writes The original 11-foot U.S.S. Enterprise studio model from the original series has gone back into the shop again. The Smithsonian owns the model and has had it on display in a gift shop at the National Air and Space Museum ...

feed High School Student Builds Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint (2014/9/14 21:28:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Kai Kloepfer is a 17-year-old high school student from Colorado who just won the Smart Tech for Firearms Challenge. Kloepfer designed and built a smart gun that will only unlock and fire for users who supply the proper fin ...

feed If We Can't Kill Cancer, Can We Control It? (2014/9/14 18:20:00)
An anonymous reader sends this excerpt from The New Yorker: In April, [Dr. Eytan Stein] presented his findings to a packed auditorium at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, in San Diego. It was the first public airing ...

feed NSA Metadata Collection Gets 90-Day Extension (2014/9/14 15:43:00)
schwit1 sends word that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has authorized a 90-day extension to the NSA's ability to collect bulk metadata about U.S. citizens' phone calls. In April, the House of Representatives passed a bill to limit the NS ...

feed Technological Solution For Texting While Driving Struggles For Traction (2014/9/14 12:04:00)
An anonymous reader writes: While legislators and police try to tackle the epidemic of distracted driving through education, regulation, and enforcement, Scott Tibbitts is trying to solve it through engineering. He developed a small device which, whe ...

feed US Patent Office Seeking Consultant That Can Stamp-out Fraud By Patent Examiners (2014/9/14 9:00:00)
McGruber writes: A month after Slashdot discussed "Every Day Is Goof-Off-At-Work Day At the US Patent and Trademark Office," the USPTO issued a statement that it is "committed to taking any measures necessary" to stop employees who review patents fro ...

feed Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk (2014/9/14 7:50:00)
New submitter anlashok writes: Atheism and science face a real challenge: To frame an account of science, or nature, that leaves room for meaning. According to this article, atheists have pinned their flag to Mr. Spock's mast. But they need Captain K ...

feed US Scientists Predict Long Battle Against Ebola (2014/9/14 6:38:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Despite recent advances in medicine to treat Ebola, epidemiologists are not hopeful that the outbreak in west Africa will be contained any time soon. Revised models for the disease's spread expect the outbreak to last 12 t ...

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