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link slashdot slashdot (2015/1/25 5:24:02)

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feed Thync, a Wearable That Zaps Your Brain To Calm You Down or Amp You Up (2015/1/8 3:13:00)
blottsie sends this first-hand report on how it felt to use a wearable device called Thync, which sends small amounts of electricity into your brain for the purpose of either calming you down or making you feel energized. While the unit I used isn't ...

feed The Luxury of a Bottomless Bucket of Bandwidth For Georgia Schools (2015/1/8 2:29:00)
Lemeowski writes: The IT departments at all the University System of Georgia institutions have a luxury that most CIOs could only dream of — access to about 2,800 miles of free fiber and a private cloud that they an always count on. The private ...

feed Tips For Securing Your Secure Shell (2015/1/8 1:47:00)
jones_supa writes: As you may have heard, the NSA has had some success in cracking Secure Shell (SSH) connections. To respond to these risks, a guide written by Stribika tries to help you make your shell as robust as possible. The two main concepts a ...

feed Analysis of Spacecraft Data Reveals Most Earth-like Planet To Date (2015/1/8 1:05:00)
sciencehabit writes: Scientists analyzing data from NASA's Kepler satellite have boosted the tally of known or suspected planets beyond our solar system to more than 4000, they reported at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Most are inho ...

feed Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ (2015/1/8 0:22:00)
An anonymous reader writes: A pair of gunmen have stormed the office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 people and wounding seven more. The magazine had recently published a cartoon of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and witness ...

feed CES 2015: FTC Head Warns About Data Grabbed By Smart Gadgets (2015/1/7 23:40:00)
mpicpp sends this quote from the BBC: A "deeply personal" picture of every consumer could be grabbed by futuristic smart gadgets, the chair of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has warned. Speaking at CES, Edith Ramirez said a future full of smart ga ...

feed Intel Pledges $300 Million To Improve Diversity In Tech (2015/1/7 22:57:00)
AmiMoJo writes: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced plans to improve diversity not just at Intel, but in the wider tech industry. Krzanich wants "to reach full representation at all levels" of the company by 2020. For instance, Intel's workforce is cu ...

feed Inside Cryptowall 2.0 Ransomware (2015/1/7 22:15:00)
msm1267 writes: If you need more evidence that ransomware is here to stay, and could turn into cybercriminals' weapon of choice, look no further than Cryptowall. Researchers at Cisco's Talos group have published an analysis of a Cryptowall 2.0 sample ...

feed Hands On With MakerBot's 3D-Printed Wood (2015/1/7 19:17:00)
angry tapir writes: 3D printing has lost a bit of its novelty value, but new printing materials that MakerBot plans to release will soon make it a lot more interesting again. MakerBot is one of the best-known makers of desktop 3D printers, and at CES ...

feed The Search For Starivores, Intelligent Life That Could Eat the Sun (2015/1/7 16:18:00)
sarahnaomi writes: There could be all manner of alien life forms in the universe, from witless bacteria to superintelligent robots. Still, the notion of a starivore — an organism that literally devours stars — may sound a bit crazy, even ...

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