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There are 7944 datas in databese

feed FCC Approves AT&T's DirecTV Purchase (2015/7/25 5:01:00)
An anonymous reader writes: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has granted approval to AT&T to purchase DirecTV for $48.5 billion. AT&T will become the largest provider of cable or satellite TV in the U.S., with 26.4 million subscribe ...

feed Firefox Will Soon Show You Which Tabs Are Making Noise, and Let You Mute Them (2015/7/25 4:20:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla is working on identifying Firefox tabs that are currently playing audio. The feature will show an icon if a tab is making sounds and let the user mute the playback. It's worth noting that while Chrome has had audio ...

feed Researchers: Mobile Users Will Trade Data For Fun and Profit (2015/7/25 3:38:00)
itwbennett writes: Even as mobile users become more security and privacy conscious, researchers and other mobile data collectors still to collect user data in order to build products and services. The question: How to get users to give up that data? ...

feed Secret Service Agents Stake Out the Ugliest Corners of the Internet (2015/7/25 2:55:00)
HughPickens.com writes: Josephine Wolff reports at The Atlantic that Secret Service Internet Threat Desk is a group of agents tasked with identifying and assessing online threats to the president and his family. The first part of this mission — ...

feed Scientists Identify Sixth Taste: Fat (2015/7/25 2:12:00)
New submitter shuheng writes with news that a study out of Purdue claims to have identified the sixth distinct taste known to humans: fat. The scientists say it should be called oleogustus which means "fatty taste" in Latin (abstract). Professor Rich ...

feed Don't Bring Your Drone To New Zealand (2015/7/25 1:30:00)
NewtonsLaw writes: Personal drones are changing the way some people experience vacations. Instead of toting along a camcorder or a 35mm DSLR, people are starting pack a GoPro and, increasingly, a drone on which to mount it. This is fine if you're goi ...

feed Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Autos To Fix Remote Hack (2015/7/25 0:48:00)
swinferno writes: Fiat Chrysler announced today that it's recalling 1.4 million automobiles just days after researchers demonstrated a terrifying hack of a Jeep that was driving down the highway at 70 miles per hour. They are offering a software patc ...

feed Malaria Vaccine Passes Key Regulatory Hurdle (2015/7/25 0:05:00)
An anonymous reader writes: The BBC reports that the European Medicines Agency has approved the world's first malaria vaccine for real-world use. The vaccine is far from perfect, and the World Health Organization still has to make a final decision on ...

feed Criminal Inquiry Sought Over Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Server (2015/7/24 23:23:00)
cold fjord writes: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Inspectors General from the State Department and intelligence agencies have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email serv ...

feed Four-legged Snake Fossil Stuns Scientists, Ignites Controversy (2015/7/24 22:40:00)
sciencehabit writes: Scientists have described what they say is the first known fossil of a four-legged snake. The limbs of the 120-or-so-million-year-old, 20-centimeter-long creature are remarkably well preserved and end with five slender digits tha ...

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