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feed Mt. Fuji Volcano In 'Critical State' After Quakes (2014/7/16 21:06:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Mount Fuji, in addition to being a picturesque landmark and an important part of Japanese culture, is also an active volcano. Its last eruption was just over 400 years ago, but its location — where the Eurasian, Paci ...

feed Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate (2014/7/16 18:10:00)
SonicSpike sends this story from NY Magazine: Rand Paul appears to be making a full-court press for the affections of Silicon Valley, and there are some signs that his efforts are paying off. At last week's Sun Valley conference, Paul had one-on-one ...

feed French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review (2014/7/16 15:04:00)
An anonymous reader sends an article about another case in which a business who received a negative review online decided to retaliate with legal complaints. In August of last year, a French food blogger posted a review of an Italian restaurant calle ...

feed Australian Electoral Commission Refuses To Release Vote Counting Source Code (2014/7/16 13:00:00)
angry tapir writes: The Australian Electoral Commission has been fighting a freedom of information request to reveal the source code of the software it uses to calculate votes in elections for Australia's upper house of parliament. Not only has the A ...

feed Apple and IBM Announce Partnership To Bring iOS + Cloud Services To Enterprises (2014/7/16 10:58:00)
jmcbain writes: According to an article on Recode, Apple and IBM have announced a major partnership to bring mobile services to enterprise customers. "The deal calls for IBM and Apple to develop more than 100 industry-specific applications that will ...

feed Is the Software Renaissance Ending? (2014/7/16 8:55:00)
An anonymous reader writes Writer and former software engineer Matt Gemmell adds his voice to the recent rumblings about writing code as a profession. Gemmell worries that the latest "software Renaissance," which was precipitated by the explosion of ...

feed Pseudonyms Now Allowed On Google+ (2014/7/16 7:59:00)
An anonymous reader writes When Google+ launched, it received criticism across the internet for requiring that users register with their real names. Now, Google has finally relented and removed all restrictions on what usernames people are allowed to ...

feed Telcos Move Net Neutrality Fight To Congress (2014/7/16 7:17:00)
Presto Vivace writes: "Public Knowledge is rallying its supporters after learning that some House members plan to try and add an amendment to H.R. 5016, the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act to block funding of FCC network ...

feed Harvesting Energy From Humidity (2014/7/16 6:34:00)
rtoz writes: Last year, MIT researchers discovered that when water droplets spontaneously jump away from superhydrophobic surfaces during condensation, they can gain electric charge in the process. Now, the same team has demonstrated that this proces ...

feed HP Claims Their Moonshot System is a 'New Style of IT' (Video) (2014/7/16 5:52:00)
Didn't we already have something kind of like this called a Blade server? But this is better! An HP Web page devoted to Moonshot says, 'Compared to traditional servers, up to: 89% less energy; 80% less space; 77% less cost; and 97% less complex.' If ...

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