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link slashdot slashdot (2015/7/28 5:21:58)

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feed Despite Triage, US Federal Cybersecurity Still Lags Behind (2015/7/19 18:20:00)
An anonymous reader writes: According to the NY Times, U.S. government officials will soon announce all the improvements their IT security teams have made to federal systems in response to the OPM breach. Unfortunately, says the Times, these updates ...

feed Open Document Format 1.2 Published As ISO/IEC Standard (2015/7/19 15:23:00)
jrepin writes: The Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF) Version 1.2, the native file format of LibreOffice and many other office applications, has been published as International Standard 26300:2015 by ISO/IEC. ODF defines a technical s ...

feed A Note On Thursday's Downtime (2015/7/19 13:25:00)
If you were browsing the site on Thursday, you may have noticed that we went static for a big chunk of the day. A few of you asked what the deal was, so here's quick follow-up. The short version is that a storage fault led to significant filesystem c ...

feed IT Workers Training Their Foreign Replacements 'Troubling,' Says White House (2015/7/19 12:19:00)
dcblogs writes: A top White House official told House lawmakers this week that the replacement of U.S. workers by H-1B visa holders is 'troubling' and not supposed to happen. That answer came in response to a question from U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D ...

feed Popular Torrent Site Disappears From Google After Penalty (2015/7/19 9:12:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Following what appears to be a severe penalty, the popular torrent site KickassTorrents has become pretty much unfindable in Google. Meanwhile, the top search result in many locations points to a scam site that's serving m ...

feed Haiku OS Will Get New Service Manager (2015/7/19 5:03:00)
jones_supa writes: Axel Dörfler writes in his blog that he is working on a replacement for Haiku OS's current shell script based boot process. It would be replaced with something more flexible, a solution similar to OS X's launchd and Linux's sy ...

feed Antineutrino Detectors Could Be Key To Monitoring Iran's Nuclear Program (2015/7/19 3:59:00)
agent elevator writes: Tech that analyzes antineutrinos might be the best way to keep tabs on Iran's nuclear program. The technology, which can tell how much of and what kind of plutonium and uranium are nearby, should be ready to serve as a nuclear ...

feed Researchers Discover Largest Ever Dinosaur With Birdlike Wings and Feathers (2015/7/19 2:54:00)
sciencehabit writes: When we see birds winging their way across the sky, we are really looking at living dinosaurs—the only lineage of these mighty beasts that survived mass extinction. Yet before they went extinct, many dinosaurs sprouted wing ...

feed UK Government Proposes 10-Year Copyright Infringement Jail Term (2015/7/19 1:51:00)
An anonymous reader writes: According to a BBC report, the UK government is >proposing increasing the jail term for copyright infringement from the current two years to 10 years, which they say would "act as a significant deterrent." "The proposed ...

feed Microsoft Uses US Women's Soccer Team To Explain Why It Doesn't Hire More Women (2015/7/19 0:50:00)
theodp writes: "It is not surprising that the U.S. women have been dominant in the sport [of soccer] in recent years. The explanation for that success lies in the talent pipeline," writes General Manager of Citizenship & Public Affairs Lori Forte ...

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