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link slashdot slashdot (2014/11/23 5:22:01)

There are 6233 datas in databese

feed After Four Days, Philae Team Gets to Rest (2014/11/17 4:43:00)
The Associated Press reports on one happy consequence of the inevitable shutdown of the Philae lander, after its incredible landing on Rosetta: the team that was in control of the lander here on earth finally gets to take a well-deserved break, after ...

feed Open Source Self-Healing Software For Virtual Machines (2014/11/17 3:46:00)
An anonymous reader writes Computer scientists have developed Linux based software that not only detects and eradicates never-before-seen viruses and other malware, but also automatically repairs damage caused by them. If a virus or attack stops the ...

feed MARS, Inc: We Are Running Out of Chocolate (2014/11/17 3:04:00)
schwit1 writes There's no easy way to say this: You're eating too much chocolate, all of you. And it's getting so out of hand that the world could be headed towards a potentially disastrous (if you love chocolate) scenario if it doesn't stop. ... Cho ...

feed Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X (2014/11/17 2:44:00)
MojoKid (1002251) writes One of the disadvantages to buying an Apple system is that it generally means less upgrade flexibility than a system from a traditional PC OEM. Over the last few years, Apple has introduced features and adopted standards that ...

feed GTK+ Developers Call For Help To Finish Cross-Platform OpenGL Support (2014/11/17 1:29:00)
jones_supa writes OpenGL support under GTK is getting into good shape for providing a nice, out-of-the-box experience by default on key platforms for the GTK+ 3.16 / GNOME 3.16 release in March. For a few weeks now within mainline GTK+ has been nativ ...

feed Can the US Actually Cultivate Local Competition in Broadband? (2014/11/17 0:32:00)
New submitter riskkeyesq writes with a link to a blog post from Dane Jasper, CEO of Sonic.net, about what Jasper sees as the deepest problem in the U.S. broadband market and the Internet in general: "There are a number of threats to the Internet as a ...

feed For Some Would-Be Google Glass Buyers and Devs, Delays May Mean Giving Up (2014/11/16 23:27:00)
ErnieKey writes with a Reuters story that says Google's Glass, not yet out for general purchase, has been wearing on the patience of both developers and would-be customers: "After an initial burst of enthusiasm, signs that consumers are giving up on ...

feed Machine Learning Used To Predict Military Suicides (2014/11/16 22:26:00)
HughPickens.com (3830033) writes David Wagner writes that a predictive computer model using machine learning methods is helping to identify soldiers in the United States Army most likely to commit suicide. Computers combed through data on more than 4 ...

feed 3D Printed Art Smaller Than an Ant's Forehead (2014/11/16 19:25:00)
ErnieKey (3766427) writes Artist Jonty Hurwitz has created the world's smallest sculptures: nanosculptures, no wider than a human hair and unable to be seen without an electron microscope, created using a specialized 3D printing process. Hurwitz says ...

feed How To Anesthetize an Octopus (2014/11/16 16:28:00)
sciencehabit writes Researchers have figured out how to anesthetize octopuses so the animals do not feel pain while being transported and handled during scientific experiments. In a study published online this month in the Journal of Aquatic Animal H ...

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