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feed Uber and Didi Face Regulatory Challenges Throughout China (2016/10/12 22:00:00)
hackingbear writes: Contrary to the central government's wish to boost employment from peer-to-peer economy, the Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing, who have invested big interest in traditional taxi services, are all looking to pass m ...

feed Pokemon Go Could Add 2.83 Million Years To Users' Lives, Says Study (2016/10/12 19:00:00)
An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNNMoney: A new study from Microsoft Research found that the most interested Pokemon Go players took 26% more steps than before using the app. The largest behavior changes were seen among sedentary users. No m ...

feed NASA To Allow Private Companies To Hook Up Modules To ISS (2016/10/12 16:00:00)
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Private space companies may soon get the opportunity to add their own habitat modules to the outside of the International Space Station. That's according to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, who an ...

feed Baby Boomers Don't Have a Stronger Work Ethic Than Later Generations, Says Study (2016/10/12 12:30:00)
A team of U.S. researchers from Wayne State University in Detroit have published research in Springer's Journal of Business and Psychology that dispels the popular belief that baby boomers have a greater work ethic than people born a decade or two la ...

feed Viewers Only Watch 10% of Pay-TV Channels: Nielsen (2016/10/12 10:40:00)
Chances are if you have cable, satellite or telco-delivered TV service, you aren't watching all the channels in your package. Heck, you probably aren't even watching half of the channels you pay for. Global information and measurement company Nielsen ...

feed Sprint To Provide 1 Million Students With Free Internet, Mobile Devices (2016/10/12 4:55:00)
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Wireless carrier Sprint Corp on Tuesday pledged to provide 1 million U.S. high school students with free mobile devices and internet access as part of a White House initiative to expand opportunities ...

feed 'StrongPity' Malware Infects Users Through Legitimate WinRAR and TrueCrypt Installers (2016/10/12 3:50:00)
Kaspersky Labs has revealed a new strain of malware -- named 'StrongPity' which targets users looking for two popular applications - WinRaR and TrueCrypt. The malware contains components that not only has the ability to give attackers complete contro ...

feed Comcast Fined $2.3 Million by FCC For 'Negative Option Billing' Practices (2016/10/12 3:10:00)
An anonymous reader shares an ArsTechnica report:The FCC announced a $2.3 million fine against Comcast on Tuesday after confirming that the company had been billing customers for products and services they had never ordered. After calling the fine "t ...

feed Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Block Tool For Cops To Surveil You On Social Media (2016/10/12 2:25:00)
On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of California announced that, after the organization obtained revealing documents through public records access requests, Facebook and Instagram have cut off data access to a company that sells su ...

feed Google Research Promotes Equality In Machine Learning, Doesn't Mention Age (2016/10/12 1:45:00)
An anonymous reader writes: New research from Google Brain examines the problem of 'prejudice by inference' in supervised learning -- the syndrome by which 'fairness through unawareness' can fail; for example, when the information that a loan applica ...

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