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link slashdot slashdot (2014/12/20 5:25:31)

There are 6552 datas in databese

feed Hollywood's Secret War With Google (2014/12/13 7:19:00)
cpt kangarooski writes: Information has come to light (thanks to the recent Sony hack) that the MPAA and six major studios are pondering the legal actions available to them to compel an entity referred to as 'Goliath,' most likely Google, into taking ...

feed BGP Hijacking Continues, Despite the Ability To Prevent It (2014/12/13 6:36:00)
An anonymous reader writes: BGPMon reports on a recent route hijacking event by Syria. These events continue, despite the ability to detect and prevent improper route origination: Resource Public Key Infrastructure. RPKI is technology that allows an ...

feed IsoHunt Unofficially Resurrects the Pirate Bay (2014/12/13 5:54:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Torrent site isoHunt appears to have unofficially resurrected The Pirate Bay at oldpiratebay.org. At first glance, The Old Pirate Bay seems to be just a commemorative site for The Pirate Bay, which went down this week afte ...

feed Possible Dark Matter Signal Spotted (2014/12/13 5:11:00)
TaleSlinger sends this news from Space.com: Astronomers may finally have detected a signal of dark matter, the mysterious and elusive stuff thought to make up most of the material universe. While poring over data collected by the European Space Agenc ...

feed 2014 Geek Gift Guide (2014/12/13 4:28:00)
With the holidays coming up, Bennett Haselton has updated his geek-oriented gift guide for 2014. He says: Some of my favorite gifts to give are still the ones that were listed in several different previously written posts, while a few new cool gift i ...

feed Is Enterprise IT More Difficult To Manage Now Than Ever? (2014/12/13 3:45:00)
colinneagle writes: Who's old enough to remember when the best technology was found at work, while at home we got by with clunky home computers and pokey dial-up modems? Those days are gone, and they don't look like they're ever coming back. Instead, ...

feed 3D Printer Owner's Network Puts Together Buyer's Guide (2014/12/13 3:03:00)
Lucas123 writes: Thousands of 3D printer owners who are part of a distributed online network were tapped for a buyer's guide, rating dozens of machines from tiny startups to major manufacturers. Surprisingly, the big-name 3D printer makers were nowhe ...

feed Tracking the Mole Inside Silk Road 2.0 (2014/12/13 2:21:00)
derekmead writes: The arrest of the Silk Road 2.0 leader and subsequent seizure of the site was partially due to the presence of an undercover U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent, who "successfully infiltrated the support staff involved in run ...

feed Computer Error Grounds Flights In the UK (2014/12/13 1:40:00)
Rambo Tribble writes: Reuters reports that flights from Heathrow, Gatwick, and many other airports have been shut down "due to a computer failure." The information comes from European air traffic control body Eurocontrol. No official word as yet as t ...

feed Time To Remove 'Philosophical' Exemption From Vaccine Requirements? (2014/12/13 0:57:00)
An anonymous reader writes: Michigan has a problem. Over the past decade, the number of unvaccinated kindergartners has spiked. "Nearly half of the state's population lives in counties with kindergarten vaccination rates below the level needed for "h ...

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