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link slashdot slashdot (2015/8/30 5:20:55)

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feed MDM Vulnerability In Apple iOS Sandbox Facilitates 'Rogue Apps' (2015/8/21 21:55:00)
An anonymous reader writes: A vulnerability in Apple's iOS sandbox, which could affect personal information as well as configuration settings, has been discovered by Appthority's Enterprise Mobility Threat Team. It affects all mobile device managemen ...

feed The Boeing 747 Is Heading For Retirement (2015/8/21 21:13:00)
schwit1 writes: After 45 years of service, Boeing's 747, the world's first jumbo jet, is finally facing retirement as airlines consider more modern planes for their fleets. The article gives a brief but detailed outline of the 747's history, and why ...

feed How Viking 1 Won the Martian Space Race (2015/8/21 20:31:00)
derekmead writes: NASA launched the Viking 1 spacecraft to Mars forty years ago. The probe was the first to achieve a soft landing on the planet, providing the first images and data from Mars. Politically the Viking 1 success was a huge win for the U ...

feed UK Government Signs New Deal With Oracle (2015/8/21 18:32:00)
An anonymous reader writes: The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has signed a deal with Oracle that should allow it to cut down on spending and licensing costs with the software provider. The three-year partnership will see the two collaborate to deliv ...

feed Germany Says Taking Photos Of Food Infringes The Chef's Copyright (2015/8/21 16:04:00)
xPertCodert writes: According this article in Der Welt (Google translate from German), in Germany if you take a picture of a dish in a restaurant without prior permission, you are violating chef's copyright for his creation and can be liable to pay a ...

feed Now Google Must Censor Search Results About "Right To Be Forgotten" Removals (2015/8/21 4:40:00)
Mark Wilson writes, drolly, that the so-called right to be forgotten "has proved somewhat controversial," and expands on that with a new twist in a post at Beta News:While some see the requirement for Google to remove search results that link to page ...

feed Startup Builds Prototype For Floating Data Center (2015/8/21 3:51:00)
1sockchuck writes: California startup Nautilus Data Technologies has developed a floating data center that it says can dramatically slash the cost of cooling servers. The company's data barge is being tested near San Francisco, and represents the lat ...

feed HooperFly is an Open Source, Modular Drone (Video) (2015/8/21 3:10:00)
Tricopters, quadcopters, hexicopters. A HooperFly can be any of these, or an octocopter or possibly even a larger number than that. The HooperFly is a modular creation, and spokesman Rich Burton says the design is open source (and was showing off the ...

feed Another Step In Quantum Computing: A Functional Interconnect (2015/8/21 2:26:00)
New submitter Gennerik writes: According to a recent article in the MIT Technology Review, a team of international physicists have been able to create a quantum computing interconnect. The interconnect, which is used to connect separate silicon photo ...

feed Regionally Encoded Toner Cartridges 'to Serve Customers Better' (2015/8/21 1:33:00)
sandbagger writes: The latest attempt to create artificial scarcity comes from Xerox, according to the editors at TechDirt, who cite German sources: "Xerox uses region coding on their toner cartridges AND locks the printer to the first type used. So ...

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