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feed Burger King Won't Take a Hint; Alters TV Ad To Evade Google's Block (2017/4/15 8:20:00)
ewhac writes: Earlier this week, Burger King released a broadcast television ad that opened with an actor saying, "Ok, Google, what is the Whopper?" thereby triggering any Google Home device in hearing range to respond to the injected request with th ...

feed Microsoft Confirms Only a Handful of Windows Phones Will Receive Windows 10 Creators Update (2017/4/15 7:40:00)
Windows Phone has less than a 1 percent market share in the mobile industry, but it is not completely dead, yet. In fact, if you own a relatively new Windows Phone, it may receive a new update that will give new life to it. Microsoft has confirmed to ...

feed A New Survey Shows Consumers Are Not That Freaked Out By Tech (2017/4/15 5:00:00)
Lippincott, a global creative consultancy, asked 2,000 "leading edge" consumers in the U.S. whether they were excited to welcome our robot overlords or terrified of them. A report on FastCompany adds: Some of their findings go against conventional wi ...

feed Google Is Working On a Tool For Managing Job Applicants (2017/4/15 4:20:00)
Google is quietly testing "Google Hire," a job applicant tracking system that appears to rival services like Greenhouse and Lever, Axios is reporting. From the report: The service lets employers post job listings, then accept and manage applications, ...

feed Google Kills Off Octane java_script Benchmark Due To 'Diminishing Returns and Over-Optimization' (2017/4/15 3:41:00)
Google has announced that its widely used Octane java_script benchmark is being retired, with Google saying that it's no longer a useful way for browser developers to determine how best to optimize their java_script engines. From a report: Google goes ...

feed It's Official: Apple is Testing Self-Driving Cars (2017/4/15 3:01:00)
Apple has been granted a license for testing autonomous vehicles in California, marking the formal launch of its race with the likes of Uber, Alphabet and Tesla to define the future of driverless transportation. The permit was revealed with Apple's a ...

feed Microsoft Experimenting Tabs Experience On File Explorer, Other Apps On Windows 10 (2017/4/15 2:20:00)
Microsoft has begun experimenting with browser tabbing experience on all apps in Windows 10, including File Explorer. From a report on WindowsCentral: According to sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft is currently experimenting internally with ...

feed YouTube Has a Secret 'Dark Mode' (2017/4/15 1:40:00)
It appears Google has quietly introduced a new "dark mode" for its video portal YouTube, several people are reporting. Here's how to activate it, via The Next Web: 1. Open the Chrome developer tools tab. 2. Windows users can do this by pressing Ctrl ...

feed Virgin Media Starts Turning Customer Routers Into Public Wi-Fi Hotspots (2017/4/15 1:00:00)
UK ISP Virgin Media is expanding its public Wi-Fi network by co-opting customers' home routers as hotspots. Only the most recent router design (the SuperHub v3) will be recruited at first, and customers can opt-out from the program if they wish. Virg ...

feed Cloudflare Doesn't Want To Become the 'Piracy Police' (2017/4/15 0:20:00)
Cloudflare is warning that far-reaching cooperation between copyright holders and internet services may put innovation in danger. From a report: As one of the leading CDN and DDoS protection services, Cloudflare is used by millions of websites across ...

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