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WhatsNew Build of ATOM

Published by Ken on 2005/10/19 (5526 reads)

XOOPS WhatsNew Module

Build of ATOM


RSS is adopted the same format as MovableType
Since ATOM 1.0 was specified, it corresponds to it.

Explanation of items

items spec
or not
system infomarion exsample
ATOM 1.0 ATOM 0.3
feed feed        
  title   title required o sie name Happy Linux
  link alternate   link   o site URL (*1)
  link self   ---   auto (ATOM's URL)
  updated   modified required auto (updated date) 2005-10-10T19:35:54+09:00
  id   id required  auto,2005://1
  generator   generator   fix   XOOPS WhatsNew 2.0
  generator   generator url   o site URL (*1)
  rights   copyright   auto   Copyright (c) 2005, Kenichi Ohwada
  contributor   contributor   - - -
  subtitle   tagline   - - -
  ---   info   - - -
  category   ---   - - -
  icon   ---   - - -
  logo   ---   - - -
  source   --   - - -
author author         
  name   name required o site author Kenichi Ohwada
  uri   url   o site URL (*1)
  email   email   o admin email
item spec
or not
article data exsample
entry entry        
  title   title required auto title WhatsNew Module
  link   link   auto URL
  updated   modifiled required auto update date 2005-10-10T18:44:23+09:00
  published   issued auto published date 2005-10-09T17:43:22+09:00
  id   id required auto article idr,2005://1.21.346
  summary   summary   auto summary
of content
Function 1. WhatsNew Block 
  content   content   auto content
(HTML tag)
1. WhatsNew Block<br />
  ---   created   - - -
  contributor   contributor   - - -
  category   dc:subject   auto module name Downloads
  rights   ---   - - -
  source   ---   - - -
author author         
  name   name required auto author ken
  uri   url   - - (dont display
at protection of personal information)
  email   email   - - (dont display
at protection of personal information)

o means the item which can be changed from WhatsNew admin configration.
However, * is the same setting item.


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