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WhatsNew Change Log

Published by Ken on 2005/10/19 (14319 reads)

XOOPS WhatsNew Module

Change Log

Version: 2.01

Date: 2005-10-24

1. Function change
(1) setup the maximum number of characters of title.
(2) enable to allow HTML tag in summary.
(3) corresponded to ATOM 1.0.

2. plugin
2.1 added plugins
(1) newbb 2.0.2
(2) mailbbs 2.2.1
(3) pukiwiki 0.08
(4) xwords 0.39

2.2 changed plugins
(1) newbb
  change title
(2) pical
  added category name, permission check
(3) smartfaq
  added category name, permission check
(4) wordpress
  bugfix: dont restric the number of articles

3. English version
(1) change English language pack.
(2) corresponded to XOOPS English edition

Version: 2.00 beta

Date: 2005-10-10

the beta version is realsed.,
since there are many changes,

1. The internal structure was changed
(1) It rewrote in the class function from the general function.
(2) It maked one file for the class function called from a What's New block .
(3) It changed the storing method of a configration variables from php file to mysql table .

2. Functional Addition
(1) The block of the BopCommnets style was added.
(2) The module name, the category name, the user name, and the number of hits were displayed.
   And so almost of plugins were changed.
(3) A icons can be used for every module.
(4) The order of a display of a module can be changed.

3. bug fix
(1) Fatal error if a WhatsNew block and other modules are displayed simultaneously.
(2) HTML character like » are changed to »
(3) the RSS is cached by a registration user's authority.

* Special thanks

Thanks for the author of BopCommnets.
I refered specification and a source code.
I refered icons.

Version: 1.31

Date: 2005-09-10

1. Added Plug-in
- bluesb v0.23

2. Change Plug-in
- pical
use UNIX_TIMESTAMP of MySQL。「for conversion of time,

3. Bugfix
(1) cannnot delete the portion surrounded by style tag with a strip_tags function.
added the function which also unites and deletes the portion.

(2) cannot sort correctly in the order of a module in block.

Version: 1.3

Date: 2005-09-10

1. add plugin
- xoopsfaq v1.10
- yomi v0.84

Version: 1.2

Date: 2005-08-08

1. add plugin
- pical 0.80
- smartfaq 1.04
- soapbox 1.50

2. bug fix
(1) RDF feedvalidator error
dc:date must be an W3CDTF date

(2) RDF/ATOM against w3c standard
RDF/ATOM the CDATA-section-close delimiter "]]>" MUST be escaped "]]>"

Version: 1.1

Date: 2005-06-20

1. reduction size of image
If image is larger than the setup size,
a reduction size will display.

add param "width" and "height" to plugin API.

2. PDA page
What is replaced with XOOPS_URL/pda.php.
Access to XOOPS_URL/modules/whatsnew/pda.php.

The module which URL is a print page (print.php)
- news
- tinyd0
- xfsection

add param "pda" to plugin API.

3. debugging view
If an error happens in RSS RDF and ATOM,
XML will not be displayed.
add to display in HTML format.

4. UTF8 Conversion
The function xoops_utf8_encode of XOOPS core
may not able to work the automatic judging of the character code.
This module has the function which fixes a character code.

5. add plugin
- WFdownloads 2.05
- WFsection 2.07

6. add french pack

* added files
language/french/ all files

* changed files

Version: 1.0

Date: 2005-06-06

1. What's New Report Block
This module collect the latest reports from two or more modules,
and show a the latest reports in block.

2.1 Output of RSS/ATOM
This module collect the latest reports from two or more modules,
and show it RSS and ATOM format.

2.2 Display of RSS/ATOM
This module read XML file form URL of RSS and ATOM,
and parse and display it.
This function corresponds to RSS/ATOM Automatic Discovery.

3. weblog updte ping
3.1 Send of Ping
Three methods are supoorted.

(1) An administrator send ping manually.
(2) When display What's New Block, send ping.
(3) When you access special URL, send ping.

3.2 Receive of Ping
This is ping server of a debugging use.
When ping is received,
check the contents of a request and replay a response.

4. corresponding modules
standard module
- system (comment)
- mydownloads
- mylinks
- newbb
- news

my devloping modules
- weblinks 0.92
- xfsection 1.07

3rd party modules
- B-Wiki 20050101
- PopnupBlog 2.1
- myAlbum-P 2.84
- simpleblog 0.21
- tinyD 2.17
- weblog 1.42
- wordpress 0.5
- xoopsgallery 1.25J
- yybbs 0.57

The selection of modules is for my using.
or other person made plugin.

Please make plugin for your need,
It is comparatively easy.

Version: 0.9

Date: 2004/08/28

Only Japanse version.

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