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Module Duplication

Published by Ken on 2006/10/8 (4816 reads)
for the module duplication, weblinks uses the methoed similar to tindy module.
but there are a few differences.

easy to use
weblinks module prepares three names.
weblinks0, weblinks1, weblinks2.
When you want to use more weblinks modules,
copy weblinks module and rename as weblinks0, weblinks1, ...

other module name
If you want to use the other name,
you MUST create three kinds of files, using an optional directory name.
For exsample, you want to change "weblinks" into "hoge" directory.

1. sql sub-directory
copy and rename weblinks.sql into hoge.sql.
change all table names in the file from weblinks_xxx into hoge_xxx .
The following part
CREATE TABLE weblinks_category 

2. templates sub-directory
copy and rename all template files, about 15 files, like weblinks_xxx.html into hoge_xxx.html.
do the same way the template files in blocks sub-directory.

3. image sub-directory
copy and rename weblinks_slogo.png into hoge_slogo.png.
modify image, as distinguishing from the original image.

this document is applied after V1.00.

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