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showing Google Maps

Published by Ken on 2006/10/9 (12789 reads)
showing Google Maps in datail page (singlelink.php) of Weblinks module

step 1: The initial setting
(1) you MUST get "Google Maps API Key".
Sign up for the Google Maps API
(2) enter this key in the admin page.

step 2: each Link
the latitude and longitude are getting automatically from the map.
(1) open a link registration form.
(2) click "The location information is acquired with GoogleMaps".
(3) country map is shown.
(4) select the place with dragging and zooming where you want to show.
(5) click "Getting Latitude/Longitude/Zoom"
(6) the latitude and longitude are automatically inputted into the registration form.

The terms of service
please confirm following

Google Maps Terms and Conditions
Can I add maps from Google Maps to my site?
Yes, you can.
The Google Maps API is available for implementation on any site that is free for consumer use

Geocoder: converting addresses into geographic coodinates, latitude and longitude

this document is applied after V1.20.

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