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Selecting Country, Locate

Published by Ken on 2006/10/9 (18012 reads)
Added the mechanism experimentally to select country (Locate).
You can select language and country independently.
In the past, program decided country, for exsample decided USA in English mode.
In present, you can select United Kingdom and others in English mode.

country code
use IANA's ccTLDs for the country code.
referrence: IANA Country-Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs)

In this time, it got ready three country, USA (us), United Kingdom (uk), Japan (jp).
It is OK as well as ccTLDs too, when it is unique,
For example "us", "usa" and "united_state"

USA is a default, in English mode,
When you change into United Kingdom,
enter "uk" into "country code" and click "update" button.
and next, click the "renew" button.

Usage in Weblinks
(1) The setting of Google Maps
The default value at the center of the map is different.
- USA: Kansas State
- United Kingdom: Greenwich
- Japan: Akashi City

referrence: Showing Google Maps

(2) The setting of the map site
The default value at the map template is different.
- USA: weblinks_us_yahoo.html
- United Kingdom: weblinks_uk_yahoo.html
- Japan: weblinks_jp_yahoo.html

referrence: Linkage goto the map site

(3) The setting of Google search
The default value at the server name is different.
- USA:
- United Kingdom:
- Japan:

This value is using by the link list in admin page.

The setting except us, uk, jp
There are two ways.
(1) create the program file to have supported a country.
for the person who understand XOOPS and PHP.

(2) change value in admin page.
This is simple.

you can change all values in admin page,
because it is difficult to change values when hard coding in the program

diagram of calass

This document is applied V1.20

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