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weblinks 1.44


This is the beta version of "Performance improvement" and others.

released v1.50

* changes *
1. supported XOOPS Cube 2.1
system module is required when send email in user manage in admin page.
It works well without system module in other features.

2. bug fix
(1) unset 'use xoops comment' in bulk manage.
(2) show escaped HTML tag in error message when submiting new link

* requirement *
happy_linux module v0.80 is required.

1. bug fix
(1) 4562: Fatal error in import manage
(2) 4563: forum_id is array in singlelink
(3) 4564: Fatal error, when set rssc_use if not exist RSSC module
(4) 4565: cannot show user manage, when too many links or users
(5) banner image overflow the display frame
(6) cannot show next page in broken links
(7) Notice [PHP]: Use of undefined constant album_id - assumed 'album_id' in file class/weblinks_category_handler.php
(8) Notice [PHP]: Use of undefined constant WLS_ERROR_ILLEGAL in file class/weblinks_link_form_check_handler.php
(9) Notice [PHP]: Use of undefined constant imgurl in file admin/category_manage.php
(10) Notice [PHP]: Undefined variable: dirname in myheader.php

* changes *
1. added feature
(1) added option to choice "Map" or "Satallite" in Google Map in initial
(2) added description in each categories
(3) with sub category in album
(4) added album block

2. バグ修正
(1) 4533: dont show album selceter in admin form
(2) Fatal error: print_warnig() in category_manage.php
(3) always all forums in newbb_200.php

* DB table structure *
(1) added fields in category table
gm_type dohtml dosmiley doxcode doimage dobr
(2) added fields in link and modify table

* Template *
(1) added templates

* Update *
same as v1.40

* changes *
1. Performance improvement
(1) Because of the performance improvement,
it fetch category image size beforehand when showing, and it stores in the database.

2. Enhanse Google Maps
(1) show map in index and each category page
(2) show marker in map for links in page
(3) specify center of map in each cateogroy page

3. Co-opreation of Album module
added config options
(1) show photo of album module in each category page adn each link page.

4. Language
(1) Persian for v1.40

5. Bug fix
(1) 4506: expired links not listed in admin
(2) 4507: Fatal error: getallchildid() in category_manage.php
(3) 4508: Fatal error: weblinks_get_handler() in weblinks_top.php
(4) 4509: JavaScript error in gm_get_location.php
(5) 4519: Fatal error: get_cid_array_by_title() in bulk_manage.php
(6) 4520: dont work newline in textarea

* DB table structure *
(1) added fields in category table
album_id, img_orig_width, img_orig_height, img_show_width, img_show_height
gm_mode, gm_latitude, gm_longitude, gm_zoom
(2) added fields in link and modify table

* Template *
(1) added templates

* Update *
same as v1.40

* changes *
1. Performance improvement
added config options
(1) Because of the performance improvement,
it computes necessary data beforehand when showing, and it stores in the database.
(2) the category information on the memory is changed from XoopsObject into the association arrangement.

2. Co-opreation of Forum module
added config options
(1) show post context of forum module in each category page adn each link page.
(2) With the plugin, you can extend the kind of the forum module.
supported moduels: Newbb 1.00、Newbb 2.02、BluesBB 1.00
(3) choice to use or not XOOPS comment in each link page.

3. Co-opreation of CAPTCHA module
added config options
(1) CAPTCHA is technique for anti-spam.
If choice this option, Anoymous user must use CAPTCHA when add or modify link.

4. Post count of XOOPS user
added config options
(1) count up XOOPS user posts when user submit new link.
(2) count up XOOPS user posts when user rate link.

5. View
added config options
(1) in category page, Recommend site, Reciprocal site, RSS/ATOM site,
choice summary or datail of link view style

6. User submit form
added config options
(1) user can use textarea1 and textarea2
(2) admin can edit description of each item
(3) admin can edit top description in form

7. Multi site
As the hack, support to choice English or Japanese

* DB table structure *
(1) added fields in category table
forum_id, tree_order, cids_parent, cids_child, link_count, link_update,
aux_int_1, aux_int_2, aux_text_1, aux_text_2

(2) added fields in link and modify table
forum_id, comment_use

(3) added fields in linkitem table

* Template *
(1) added templates
category_navi, forum_list
(2) assign element value of sub-categories to template variables

* Requirement *
(1) happy_linux module is indispensabe necessary.
(2) rssc module is necessary when use rss feeds.
(3) forum module is necessary when use showing forum.
(4) captcha module is necessary when use CAPTCHA.

* Update *
(1) Overwrite the files below weblinks directory.

(2) Update weblinks module in XOOPS management.
You MUST do it, since the template files are changed.

(3) Upgrade config table in admin page.
the message is showing, if not newest version.

% Caution %
config2 and linkitem table are initialized and an original value is destroyed.
As occasion demands, enter a value agine.

(4) Execute "Module Configuration 2" -> "Clear cache of Templates"
You MUST do it, since the template files are changed.

(5) since v1.30, using RSS feature
Execute "DB table management" -> "Clear xml in link table".
erase an unnecessary data, rss_xml in link table
It cuts down on the memory usage.

(6) using "Performance improvement"
Execute "Category list" -> "Update category path tree"
create a necessary data.

* Notice *
I change almost all files.
I dont change the database structure.
Although there are no big problem, but I think that there are any small problem.
Even if some problems come out, only those who can do somehow personally need to use.
Welcome a bug report, a bug solution, and your hack, etc.

* TODO *
in this version, the change about the structure is finished.
in next version, I will plan to add the backlog features.

* For translator *
Please change language files with a sample about English files.
I cannot change them, since I dont have non-English editors.

Submitter: ken
Publisher: ohwada
Released: Sat, 19-May-2007

Version: 1.44
Downloads: 1668
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LAN(10M) : 0.67s
Price: Free | Platform: Xoops 2.0 | License: GNU General Public License (GPL) (v. 2.0) | Limitations: None

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