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XOOPS RSS Center 1.30


Module Outline
This module collects RDF/RSS/ATOM feeds from the registered sites, and stores in a database.
This module searchs feeds in database, and carries out the search results in RDF/RSS/ATOM form.

This module becomes independent from the RDF/RSS/ATOM function of WebLinks module,
and enhances more powerful.

This module aims the platform of RDF/RSS/ATOM feeds.
As an example of application, like a headline module, like the Web Service

Download from Japanese sourceforge,
because dev.xoops.ors site is down.

1. Added "Select url" in admin page
Admin can choice the original site url or single_feed.php of RSSC
in the hyperlink of a title and the link of a RSS output.

2. Some changes with change of Webmap3 module.

3. Bugfix
(1) Wrong icon is displayed, NOT set icon.

4. Langauge pack
(1) Added Russian ( CP1251 & UTF-8 )
Files in language directory and extra directory.
Special thanks, Anthony .

* DB table structure *
(1) link table
Changed following fields, from varchar to text.
url, rdf_url, rss_url, atom_url

(2) feed table
Changed following fields, from varchar to text.
site_link, entry_id, guid, author_uri, enclosure_url,
media_content_url, media_thumbnail_url

1. Support Ggoogle Maps API V3
(1) require WEBMAP3 module instead of webmap module.
(2) set center of map in map manage.

2. Link manage
(1) show icon image when select google map icon.
(2) show icon image when select icon.

3. feed column manage
enable to extend some feed columns.
(1) sometime entry_id or guid have 255 or more characters.

1. Migrating to PHP 5.3
Deprecated features in PHP 5.3.x
(1) Assigning the return value of new by reference is now deprecated.

2. Migrating to MySQL 5.5

3. bugfix
(1) wrong link of "Powered by Happy Linux"

1. bug fix
(1) not valid "Maximum number of RSS/ATOM feeds displayed content" in block

(2) not show site title in blog block

1. bug fix
(1) cannot install

1. Supoort GeoRSS

2. Supoort MediaRSS

3. Supoort GoogleMap
require webmap module
show in main and block

4. Set the icon each link

* DB table structure *
(1) link table
add following fields
icon, gicon_id

(2) feed table
add following fields
geo_lat, geo_long,
media_content_url, media_content_type, media_content_medium,
media_content_filesize, media_content_width, media_content_height,
media_thumbnail_url, media_thumbnail_width, media_thumbnail_height,

(1) typo

(2) "Not version xx"

* Changes *
1. supported the URL of RSS exceeded 255 characters.

2. lang pack
(1) added new Arabic

3. bug fix
(1) fatal error when showing feed in weblinks

* DB table structure *
(1) modify field in feed table
link : varchar(255) -> text

* requirement *
(1) happy_linux module 1.40 is required.

* Update *
(1) Overwrite the files below rssc directory.

(2) Update rssc module in XOOPS management.
the rssc's update script is executed at the same time.

* Changes *
1. strengthened to invalid JavaScript
(1) added "HTML Output Setting" in admin page
added option to remove script tag and style tag

2. strengthened plugin feature

2.1 specificatio
2.1.1 prepared 4 hook
pre-process (from read RSS to save DB)
(1) common hook
(2) hook for each link (same in v0.70)

post-process (from read DB to output HTML)
(3) hook for each link
(4) common hook

2.1.2 added feature plugin combination
specify like as UNIX pipe
plugin_a | plugin_b | plugin_c

2.1.3 added feature parameter into plugin
specify like as PHP function
plugin_a ( param_a, param_b, param_c )

2.2 implement
2.2.1 prepared 5 plugins
(1) yahoo (same in v0.70)
(2) strip_tags (thanks photosite)
(3) implode
(4) latest_feeds
(5) mail

2.2.2 added 2 menu in admin page
(1) Custom Plugins
(2) Plugin List (include plugin test)

2.2.3 added 1 demo program
(1) mailto.php : get leatest feeds, and send mail to login user

3. changed install script

4. changed template variable xoops_module_heade

5. bug fix
(1) in "Parse RDF/RSS/ATOM" clear XOOPS cache
(2) not save xml

* DB table structure *
(1) add field in link table

* requirement *
(1) happy_linux module 1.30 is required.

* Update *
(1) Overwrite the files below rssc directory.

(2) Update rssc module in XOOPS management.
the rssc's update script is executed at the same time,

1. langugae
(1) added German.

(2) updated French.

2. bug fix
(1) Only variables should be assigned by reference
(2) Fatal error in Weblinks
(3) double definition in English admin.php

1. DB Table Management
added to check config table, other tables

2. bug fix
(1) TEXT columns cannot have DEFAULT values


* Changes *
1. RSS cache
(1) has the RSS cache in anoymous user mode, to reduce the server load.
(2) clear the cache in the admin page.

2. supported onInstall onUpdate

3. show memory usage

4. show site tilte in block

5. set to handle enclosure tag in every link.
becuase the title include "AD:" for the advertisement, it removes this.

6. set words to censor in every link
because entered the icon in enclosure tag, it doesn't show this.

7. set plugin in every link
because the following form in link tag,
it changes into the original form

8. replace empty if all space code when build summary
9. added module management
10. added to check xoops block table
11. added new class for import other module
12. allow optional url form if a regular expression when add black list
13. defeat errors in PHP5 E_STRICT level

14. search feeds for black list
(1) support the following link form
(2) has cache for reducee search time

15. language
(1) added Italian lang pack

(2) updated French lang pack

16. bugfix
(1) in MySQL 3.23, cannot update module

(2) dont work checkbox in "Reject Word List"

(3) cannot import from weblinks module
(4) fatal error in single link UTF-8
(5) show in block if set not-show

* DB table structure *
(1) add field in link table
enclosure censor

* requirement *
(1) happy_linux module 1.20 is required.

* Update *
(1) Overwrite the files below rssc directory.

(2) Update rssc module in XOOPS management.
the weblinks's update script is executed at the same time,
because weblinks supported onUpdate since this version 0.70 .
You MUST do it, since the template files are changed.

* Changes *
1. Supported MySQL 4.1/5.x
For exsample in Japanese, program fixed ujis (EUC-JP) in character code of MySQL.
Administrator can change character code, setting happy_linux/preload/charset.php.

2. HTML style
(1) base on W3C
checked mainly pages on W3C Markup Validator

(2) xoops module header
added to show style sheet in header tag using xoops module header

3. 4650: site description in the headline

4. Bug fix
(1) rssc0.sql is same as rssc.sql

(2) content:encoded error in RSS

* main changes *
1. 4510: not view option

2. 4570: divid to execute RSS feeds update in command line

add command line option
usage is following
php -q -f XOOPS/modules/rssc/bin/refresh.php pass
php -q -f XOOPS/modules/rssc/bin/refresh.php -pass=pass [ -limit=0 -offset=0 ]

3. 4577: content spam filter

(1) add reject word list (word table)
(2) judge black when total point of word list exceed reject level
(3) do the following operation when judge black
(3-1) not store feed in database
(3-2) count up the matching record when match with reject word list
(3-3) add URL in black list
(3-4) extract words in the content, and add words in reject word list
(3-5) write in log file

4. 4582: show next page

5. performance improvement
separate xml part which is unnecessary for usual display from link table.
add xml table for storeing xml part.

6. support MySQL 4.1
urlencode xml data as RSS feed, when storing in databese
since v4.1, it seems that MySQL can not store different character code

7. add block manage in admin page
(1) absorption of the difference by Major version of XOOPS
show menu to support 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2.
judge version automatically, and reload page 10 seconds later automatically .

(2) adopt GIJOE's myblocksadmin
valid in xoops 2.0

8. add following informations in "Modify Link" in admin page
- user name
- submitter's module name
- formated date of updated
- detail of channel
- detail of xml

9. change "Add Keyword" in admin page
(1) add google for blog search site in English
(2) add google and yahoo in Japanese

10. multi language
(1) add Japanese UTF-8 files

11. bug fix
(1) in "clear archive", clear all records, if the numbers of records is same as the limit value.

* DB table structure *
(1) add xml table and word table
(2) add following fields in black table and white table
act reg count
(3) add act field in feed table

* requirement *
(1) happy_linux module 0.90 is required.

(2) kakasi is required, when extracting words in Japanese.
extracting words by space or symbol, when NOT using kakasi

* update *
(1) MUST execute following, because change templates
Update rssc module in XOOPS management.

* main changes *
bug fix
(1) NOT show admin's frame in updating RSS feed
(2) NOT show RDF/RSS/ATOM with happy_linux v0.8
(3) NOT show module name in XOOPS 2.0.16

* update *
(1) MUST execute following, because change templates
Update rssc module in XOOPS management.
(2) happy_linux module 0.80 is required.

(1) 4319: get rss feeds via proxy

(2) 4360: chang number of feeds in single_link

(3) added option which turn on/off keyword highlight

(4) assigned fid into block template

(5) added wordwrap modifier into template

(1) MUST execute following, because change templates
Update weblinks module in XOOPS management.
(2) happy_linux module 0.40 is indispensabe necessary.

(1) happy_linux module
moved class function of RDF/RSS/ATOM genaretion into happy_linux module

(2) weblinks module
changed some, becuase prepares for the integration with weblinks module,

(3) RSS parse
(3-1) supported RSS without link tag
(3-2) supported RSS which has twe or more enclosure tag
(3-2) supported RSS which has guid tag with non URL format.
for rssc_headline

(4) search
(4-1) show context in search result,
corresponding to search module to be distributing in Amethyst Blue
(4-2) highlight keywords in search result
(4-3) added fuzzy search (Japanese only)

(5) added page title
(6) added option to show content with html or not
(7) add "show blog" block
(8) added conf_valuetype field into config table
(9) supported stylesheet

(10) admin page
(10-1) show bread crumb in table manage.
(10-2) strengthened to ckeck parameter in table manage.
(10-3) show error message, if cannot parse RSS feed, when add new link.
(10-4) added to check overlapping RSS URL

(11) used session ticket class (XoopsGTicket)
reffer Perk's Tinyd module

(12) bug fixed
(12-1) 'blong link' jump always 'rssc' directory
(12-2) Fatal error occured when can not parse RSS
(12-3) link of search result was not found

(1) happy_linux module
happy_linux module was created as the common function,
ane independent from this RSS Center module.
Becuase prepares for the integration with weblinks module,
happy_linux module is necessary, to use this RSS center module.

(2) rssc_headline module.
added cooperation feature with rssc_headline module.
rssc_headline is based on xoopsheadline,
modify to use RSS management function of RSSC module.

(3) supported podcast.
When there are enclosure tag in RSS feed,
assume as podcast and display the link of podcast.

(4) added check to exist same link
check to exist link which has same RDF/RSS/ATOM URL, when admin will add new link.
show message which there are twe or more links which has same RDF/RSS/ATOM URL,
when admin will modify link.

(5) displayed bread crumb.
(6) added an description in main page.
(7) changed the default value of command line (bin_refresh).
(8) saved image tag of RSS feed into link table.
(9) corrected the bug which pagenavi doesn't work in feed management.

It changed an innards roughly.
(1) added fileds for podcast into feed table.

1. Function for users
(1) added single link view (single_link).
(2) added single link view with UTF-8 encoding (single_link_utf8).
(3) strengthened inspection of javascript at permission HTML tags.
(4) changed from the debug mode to the usual mode, when an administrator views builded RSS.

(5) assigned site_tile and site_link for block templates.

2. Function for Administrators
(1) abolished "feed registration".
(2) added viewing builded RSS in debug mode.
(3) added updating RSS feeds after registering and editing a link record.

(4) assumed UTF-8 into default encoding, if cannot detect the encoding automatically.

(5) added icon which be view single link or single feed.
(6) cut down the overhead in executing command line.
handling DB directly, not to use XOOPS core files.

3. Implementation and internal structure
(1) adopted "magpie RSS" for RSS parser.
abolished selection of parsers, only use magpie RSS.
added some items to parse and view RSS in admin page.

(2) used object class after parsing RSS feeds.
(3) changed to "serialize" function for saving channel and rows.

4. PHP 5
(1) corrected following notices.
Only variable references should be returned by reference

5. Language pack
(1) Add French.

6. Bug fixed
(1) BUG 3622: cannot modify blacklist

(2) BUG 3864: suppress Notice Undefined offset: 0

happy_linux v0.10 is necessary.

I change almost all files.
Although there are no big problem, but I think that there are any small problem.
Welcome a bug report, a bug solution, and your hack, etc.

(1) Make the function which cooperates with weblinks module.
(2) Make the structure which shares a blacklist.
(3) Add search result block
(4) Add the list of headlines link in admin page.

More... Installation and others

Submitter: ken
Publisher: ohwada
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