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XOOPS Weblinks 2.10


This module is web links directory.
This is more powerful than mylinks.

Download from Japanese sourceforge,
because dev.xoops.ors site is down.

1. Supprt Google Maps API V3

1.1 Require WEBMAP3 module

1,2 The admin can set the icon of a marker in eahc category and each link.

The rule which determines the icon to display
(1) Use it if set the icon in the link.
(2) Use it if set the icon in the category which belongs.
(3) Use it if set the icon in the parent category.
Search parent categories to the top.
(4) Use either when the link belongs to two or more categories.

1.3 The admin can set favorite icon.
This is feature of WEBMAP3 module.

2. Added "Select url" in admin page
Admin can choice the original site url or singlelink.php of Weblinks
in the hyperlink of a title .

3. Expand the number of URL characters from 255 bytes to 64 K bytes.

4. Addeed following in bulk registration.
(1) Register the comments by form entry
(2) Register RSS URL from URL of registered link automatically.
(3) Register latitude and longitude of registered link semiautomatically.
(4) Describe \2c instead of comma.
(5) Describe \n instead of new-line in textarea1, 2.

4. Langauge pack
(1) Added Russian ( CP1251 & UTF-8 )
Files in language directory and extra directory.
Special thanks, Anthony .

* DB table structure *
1. link, modify table
(1) added fields
- gm_icon : Google Maps Icon
(2) modify attribute varchar to text
- url

2. category table
(1) added fields
- gm_icon : Google Maps Icon
- gm_location : memo of location

1. Migrating to PHP 5.3
Deprecated features in PHP 5.3.x
(1) ereg
(2) Assigning the return value of new by reference is now deprecated.

2. Migrating to MySQL 5.5

3. link sort by much broken in broken link

4. bug fix
(1) typo in weblinks_link_single.html

(1) Portuguesebr 1.94

(2) Bugfix
Smarty error: unable to read resource: d3forum_comment.html

(1) added Webphoto in album select

(2) corrected confliction with webphoto

(1) "not version xxx"

(2) update german mail_template

1. added plugin of Newbbex

2. updated Persian

3. bug fix
(1) cannot use & for location

(2) Notice in weblinks_link_view_handler.php

* Changes *
1. the admin can use $xoops_isuser in the template files

2. not show PageRank without URL

3. bug fix
(1) the guest cannot change the password after request the lost password

* Changes *
1. added output plugin feature
1.1 specificatio
1.1.1 place of hook
After reading from the DB and doing common processing.

1.1.2 added feature plugin combination
specify like as UNIX pipe
plugin_a | plugin_b | plugin_c

1.1.3 added feature parameter into plugin
specify like as PHP function
plugin_a ( param_a, param_b, param_c )

1.2 implement
1.2.1 prepared 4 plugins
(1) pagerank
(2) gamp_sample
(3) rss_sample
(4) kml_sample

1.2.2 added menu in admin page
(1) Output Plugin Managemant
- HTML Output Plugin Setting
- RSS Output Plugin Setting
- KML Output Plugin Setting
- Plugin List
- Test of Plugin

2. supported Google PageRank

(1) added "High PageRank Site"
(2) show the green bar in link list and link single
(3) get the PageRank automaticaly, when show it
(4) cache the getting PageRank in DB, for reduceing the server load
re-get the PageRank, when submit or modify link
(5) added "PageRank Update" at "Link Check Management" in admin page

(6) Notice
It is not the official service of Google.
In the future, it doesn't sometimes work, too.

PageRank without the Toolbar
We currently only offer the PageRank feature through the Google Toolbar.

3. supported Google KML

(1) added "GoogleMaps Site", and show "KML List"
(2) the admin can customize using the plugins
sample of plugin: kml_sample
(3) added kml directory, described the following in .htaccess
addType application/ .kml

4. added "Module Setting 7 (Menu)" in admin page

(1) concentrated the setting items which relates to show the menu.
(2) the admin can change the title of menu

5. changes 50 chars to 255 chars in the category title

6. changed the setting of the char length of the input field in the submit form

7. added the option which not show "Map Type Control" in block

8. changed the admin can set "publish time" in bulk management

9. lang pack
(1) updated Arabic

(2) updated Persian

10. bug fix
(1) fatal error in "Deletion Links Waiting for Validation"

* DB table structure *
(1) added fields in link, modify table
pagerank : Google PageRank
pagerank_update : PageRank update time

(2) modify attribute in cateogry table
title : varchar(50) -> varchar(255)

* Templates *
added the following
- weblinks_build_kml

* Requirement *
(1) happy_linux module v1.40 is required.
(2) rssc module v0.80 is required when use rss feeds.
(3) memory_limit more than 16 MB

* Update *
(1) Overwrite the files below weblinks directory.

(2) Update weblinks module in XOOPS management.
the weblinks's update script is executed at the same time,
because weblinks supported onUpdate since this version 1.80.

(3) PageRank
added PageRank in this version 1.90.
the value of PageRank are not stored in DB, when module update
Execute "Update PageRank" in "Link Check Management"

(4) Execute "DB table manage"
confirms that there is no error

Submitter: ken
Publisher: ohwada
Released: Thu, 12-Apr-2012

Version: 2.10
Downloads: 5152
File Size: 1.81 MB

Rating:   (3 Votes)

Reviews:  (0)

Mirrors Available: 0

Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 5.0min
ISDN(64k) : 4.4min
DSL(768k) : 22s
LAN(10M) : 2s
Price: Free | Platform: Xoops 2.0 | License: GNU General Public License (GPL) (v. 2.0) | Limitations: None

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