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Teen boys spend an average of an hour more than teen girls each day absorbed in digital screens; men watch about a half hour more TV than women. Meanwhile, the time that teen girls spend each day cleaning and cooking is more than double the time boys spend on those tasks, and that roughly carries over into adulthood.

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Rape is prevalent, real and girls have to think about it. Most boys do not have to think about being raped, or adapt their behavior. Even though

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Teens spend their time differently than they did a decade ago, but are the differences between teen boys and girls in time spent on leisure,

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We have three boys and one little girl. Our daughter is young and we have not reached the pre-teen years yet, but our sons are a different What do teenage boys wish teenage girls knew? 836,439 Views - What do teen boys want teen girls to know about them? 164,163 Views.

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